Hi, and welcome to my blog-turned-place where I post my writing. This is my outlet to put them up, which was radically different from the blog that this started out as. I hope you'll have a good time reading my blog/place where I post some poetry and some short stories. I try to cover a variety of topics in these works of mine, so I hope any readers will enjoy it. I'm not an English major by any stretch, but I enjoy writing. Critique would be nice for my writing, cause lord knows I could work on it. Enjoy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Damn, I must have been TIRED

As I previously mentioned in my other post, I really didn't get much sleep last night/this morning. And apparently, due to said lack of sleep, I had two very odd and trippy dreams. What I'm about to write is totally true, so please, don't take offense to this.

Dream 1 (or 2; no idea in what order it happened): I was sleeping, facing the wall. And then out of the corner of my eye, I see somebody sprint up the ladder to my bunk. I was a bit skeptical there, as I was afraid a certain person who will remain nameless would do some stuff of a PG-13 to R rated nature to me. Lo and behold, it was Molly, in my room, on my bunk, right next to me, at 4 in the morning, giving me a kiss on the cheek. And then disappearing almost right away, like it was magical. In this dream, I was tempted to walk all the way over to Alvey, yet I realized that it freaking was 4 in the morning, let alone me not having anybody to open the door for me. And I think I might have regained consciousness, at least temporarily, after that realization.

Dream 2 (or 1; it remains to be figured which dream came first): Apparently Chris was doing something very sketchy, or at least planning to in the wee hours of this fine dream morning, when I caught him. And then I promptly summoned Liz to do justice. This defies the laws on conventionality, as it was roughly around 4 in the morning, so nobody would be conscious enough to even remotely attempt to do any of this stuff.

The highs and lows of today...and mostly lows

Today has been a whirlwind in the last 24 hours, and it started off not too well. First of all, I really didn't get much sleep, and I'm not kidding; I don't remember falling asleep until probably 4 or later, and it was a bitch to try and fall asleep. And Chris didn't exactly help the cause, as he was moaning and groaning in what apparently was a nightmare. Then, at noon, I met with Molly at the Underground, where she told me that she just wants to "be friends". Ouch. Well, to be really kinda honest, I was probably going to tell her something around those lines, just that she superseded me at that. At this point, things were looking rather bleak and depressing. To round off the hat trick, I had a unspectacular presentation in my maps and politics class. This all happened by 4, which really didn't make this the best couple of hours I've ever had. Fortunately, I was about to be redeemed.

Our street hockey club championship game was tonight, at 7. To make a very long story (over two and a half hours, to be precise), my team, the blue jersied team, won, by a score of 10-8 (comeback from being down 4-2), 7-10, and then 3-0 in the final game. I've been redeemed for my generally shitty day today, and while I'm tired, it still feels doggone nice to go out on top!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the road back to school

The way back to Mary Washington was a very long way there, and I don't mean because of traffic, which is a story in its own right. We left around 4 or so, and to make a long story short, we didn't arrive on campus for the better part of an hour and a half to two hours. Traffic was horrendous, like, the worst I've ever seen I-95 South. I mean, it was red light after red light; it was like a freaking parking lot out there. And to top things off, we got to Fredericksburg with 0.2 of a gallon of gas left-we were that close to running out of gas on the highway. I had mentioned to mom that we had a quarter of a tank left, and we thought that all would be well with our trip down south. Yeah, didn't quite work out that way. Our "low gas" signal was messing with us towards the end, as it would flicker on very briefly, then turn off. We were hoping that it was working, because we'd at least have some knowledge of how much gas was left in the tank. Though in the end, all worked out, so we were happy about it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday? I don't think so

Ha! I didn't buy anything today, so suck that shopping malls/outlets! I just stuck it to the man there!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hockey in the Rain

So other than the obvious stupidity of playing in the rain, tonight was a blast! My econ teacher wasn't feeling good tonight, so we got out early, and thus I decided to play some puck.

The teams were evenly balanced as we started to play, and then, the rain came down. At first, it was drizzling. Then, as we progressed through, it got a ton more heavier. Honestly, I don't think anybody minded, but the court turned into a swamp by the end of the night. I got a goal in this game, as I took a pass from Corey on the fly and then sniped Steven top shelf (where momma hides the cookies). It happened so fast that he really couldn't stop me, either! And being the hockey player that I am, a gongshow celebration ensued. My team lost the first game in a heartbreaker, 10-9; we played up to 10 in the first game. Man, it was a marathon, and we had come back from being down 5-2 to tie it at 9-9, when we got scored on. Two guys left, so we were playing a solid 3 on 3 with 2 subs, and man, it was intense! It was notable for me scoring a goal...off of my ass! Like, I was screening Steven when Kyle took a shot and I jumped up to both avoid said shot and to screen Steven. Well, needless to say it barely went in off of my butt, but a goal's a goal. I'm now the league leader in goals scored off of my butt, haha. That kicked off the scoring right there. Both teams battled to a 2-2 game, and then since Calvin had to leave, the next goal would win. Each teams had some close chances, in addition to harrowing moments. I personally blocked/saved/knocked away 3 shots that might have gone in, so huzzah for me (I'm so humble, aren't I?). And to put the nail in the coffin, we scored when I was sitting out. Twas a great night, and I can't wait for Friday!

New Favorite Quote of the Day

...Comes from the game Darkest of Days. Here it is:
(warning: language not suited for young kids)

"Morris, you see what those opposition fucks did? This is why we can't have nice things...I'm tired of diddly fucking around"

The Roomie Who Lives With Computers/"My Pent up Rage" Rant

This is a protest post (nice alliteration there come to think of it) slash rant post that I've been meaning to address lately. I may come off as obnoxious and overly mean, but I'm not too happy about it. What I'm getting pissed off about is how my second roommate, Chris, is a lazy S.O.B. and is on his computer all goddamn day. Like, he goes to bed, laptop in hand. He falls asleep in the wee hours of the morning, laptop in hand, and then complains about being tired...and then sleeps in and misses his classes. He shirks his work and then starts to start/work on/finish said work pretty late at night, when I'm trying to sleep; this just straight up pisses me off, because, given the unhealthy amount of time he spends on his laptop and his desktop computer (why somebody needs this IN addition to a laptop is beyond me), you'd figure that he'd manage to get something, anything done. Nope. He slacks off, cause he spends his life on Facebook, YouTube, and his flight simulator. Come on Chris, you can't live your life on a computer-people DO exist in the real world, you do know, right?

Now, I'm super bummed, and I know that a few others share this same gripe too, is that you never fucking clean your part of the room up. We're all clean and pristine, but apparently your computers take precedent over basic sanitation. Which, now that I dwell on it, is probably why we have to Febreeze your stuff every now and then. And trust us, it ain't fun to have to do that. So please Chris, please, pretty please, clean your part up. I'll clean your stuff up WHEN it gets significantly unbearable, but I swear, I should not have to do something that a good, even decent, roommate should do. I didn't sign up to essentially be your second mom, and both Eric and I should not have to do that. And now that we get to the bit about sanitation, please, please, PLEASE shower every now and then. I don't want to sound more like an asshole, but both of your fellow roommates can smell something; in fact, at least one or two other people can smell your stench. You brought shower stuff for a reason-PLEASE use it.

Look man, I know that I've said this quite a few times before, but geez, please do not complain when you are "tired". I know you're in the habit of staying up late and getting up late from high school, but you're living with two other people now. It's fine that you want to sleep, yes, but when you're tired BECAUSE you stay up into the wee hours of the morning doing god knows what on your laptop, I find it pretty hard to sympathize. Even more so, when you have papers due the next day, don't stay up late chilling and then find the sudden urge to do work. You've had all day to do work, and you're also on your computer(s). Wazzup with that?

And finally, you'd like college, and probably your grades, too, if you just put down the computers and went outside our room, and socialized. Trust me, it's fun. You'll actually get to know the people that we all hang out with, instead of the couple of hours they're inebriated. That's all that I, and others, are asking for. Computers are not a substitute for people to talk with. We'd like to talk to you, but obviously we can't when you're always on your blasted computers. Take the time to talk with us, please?

I mean, it may not sound like it, but you're a good guy. Yeah, you may have some flaws, but you're still a good guy to talk to. You're one of the few guys, if at all, that I can talk college football, music, movies, and tv shows with. It's just a shame that you can't talk to more people about that; I'm sure they'd love to talk to you if you just got a chance to. Yes, I know I know, you're "sick" or you're "not sociable", but you never know until you try. And I think that's what's the most frustrating thing about you-you're content to say "I don't like doing this" or "I'm not in the mood for this" or "It's not my thing" or "Eh, I'm not good at this/that". Well you know what? Fuck that, if you don't try, there is no fail. That's why we all have fun on our floor, because we try things and more often than not, the feeble attempts often result in greater, more fun things. Shame you've gotta miss out just because you're "not up to it" and then miss out on a great time/night/few hours/etc. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

*Obligatory Joke about my Throat*

I blame this on my two roommates. See, they're sick, and I'm pretty sure that I got something from them. And basically, my throat is burning, which really sucks. REALLY sucks. It's not a fun feeling, let's just say. I've been chugging a ton of fluids lately to try and remedy that situation, but so far it hasn't been working.

UPDATE: I'm about to go off to Concert Band, which should be a phenomenal experience. Joy. (I don't hate that class, just that playing relatively high with a sore throat is not appealing at all.)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend recap

To celebrate my actual posting of something after God knows how long, this is what I did over the weekend

-Played street hockey, as a goalie, at 5. Made some pretty sick saves, IMO, and I think I won the first game. Then we played to 5 the next game, which we lost 5-4...after a fluke goal went in off my glove when I clearly had the save there. Oh well. But at least Corey brought his goalie pads for me to use, and we had Trevor in goal, so it was a blast nonetheless! Goalie is criminally fun, and it probably enhances the fun when you make a ton of saves and get a good workout in.

-I played strip foosball at night, which I can tell you is quite enhanced when the people you're playing with/against are either drunk, getting drunk, or just smashed. Anyways, I went 1-3. Meaning, I got quite the workout stripping, but we thankfully don't do the "take yer boxers off" thing. Don't judge us.

Friday night/early Saturday morning:
-We were talking and hanging out in our common room when Andrew Moore freaking forgets to put water in his mac 'n cheese mix in the microwave. Which resulted in ridiculously thick smoke from the burned mac 'n cheese. And a mass evacuation of Russell Hall. For half an hour. In the cold, wee hours of the morning. Not fun.

-I attempted to do my Macroeconomics HW ahead of time for the 15% bonus, but I had a distinct lack of motivation. Sunday: time to clean up and compensate for my laziness.

-Went to Central Park around 1:30 with Molly, Liz, Keegan, Eric, Sandra, Isaac, and Mike Wang (who henceforth will be referred to as Wang; small children everywhere will giggle). We intended to go eat and then go do some necessary shopping at Walmart, but alas, we got sidetracked. After going to Five Guys (which I've seriously missed like no other), we were like "yeah we're not in a hurry-let's go shopping". We then went to Kohls, where I, as well as the rest of our motley crew, took advantage of ridiculous sales and consequently, I picked up an argyle sweater and a lumberjack-esque looking shirt that Molly absolutely loves. Huzzah for 40-50% off most of Kohls' items! And from there, we stopped by the Best Buy two stores down, where Wang and Liz got some CD's and DVD's. From there, we hopped over to Starbucks due to Keegan's incessant cravings for Starbucks. "Hey guys, there's a Starbucks 0.1 miles from here, wink wink". We hung out a bit in there and chatted about certain people and life, then Isaac was like "I want to go to Best Buy", which we did. We shopped for what we needed, and I purchased my much needed clothes hangers. Now, the wait for the FRED to pick us up was a whole different story.

-So about the FRED being obnoxiously slow and highly irregular. Once we were done shopping in Walmart, we went outside of it and went to the FRED stop, just waiting to be picked up. As we had taken longer than planned to get our stuff/trip done, it was about 5:30-ish, getting a bit more colder. The stop just so happened to be outside, with no shelter from wind or anything. Did I mention that it was getting increasingly colder, with not one of us really prepared for the cold. Anyways, to make a long story short, the FRED took the better part of 40 minutes to get there; and we spotted a FRED bus 20 minutes after getting to the stop, yet it didn't go our way and pick us up, much to our chagrin. Fuck the FRED.

-Got an extra hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time, which honestly was greatly appreciated.

-Started doing my Macroeconomics HW, just to claim the 10% bonus of turning it in a day early. Took me until 11:30 at night to submit it, due to other events (Facebook also didn't help my cause, either). Oh well, at least I turned it in a day early.

-Hung out with Eric, Sandra, and Wang, and Joe too. Went to dinner with them, and we ran into John on the way down, so he accompanied us to the Nest. After we ate, we heckled Keegan at the Underground, where Eric, Joe, and I all got a slice of this amazing chocolate cake. Then we went back, and nothing else happened after that.

-Ran into Justis when I got back to the room. He wants to sell his remaining Amp Energy Drink to me in order to be able to purchase alcohol for the weekend (hey, he was brutally honest about that; can't hate that). I'll be getting back to him on that.

Vote Keegan Cooke for Russell Hall's "Hero of the Week"

Do it. Here's the link:

Don't ask why, just vote. This is a democratic country, so be democratic and vote. Otherwise the terrorists win.

Hockey-playing Deprivation

It's hockey season, meaning I'm following it and thus, I really want to play some freaking ice hockey! Thankfully, there's a rumor that the former hockey rink here in Fredericksburg is potentially reopening, so maybe, just maybe, in the near future I'll have that. In the meantime, I'll just have to wait until breaks to go home and actually hit the beautiful ice. Phooey.

Procrastination: I'll do that tomorrow

I'm currently writing my second map critique for my First Year Seminar, aka my Maps and Politics class, which actually is pretty fun and informative. But the bad news is, it's due this week and I've really yet to work on it. Which brings me to mention how procrastinating is such a horrible thing. And then after that, I still have my final paper in Maps and Politics, which mercifully for me isn't due until December. Then I need to haul ass for my German long term homework. And then there's the case of studying for my Intro to Statistics test on Thursday. Yeah, I probably should not have waited this long to do all these. Oh well. Gotta get working...maybe later. No pressure, right?