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Friday, June 24, 2011

Top 10 list

Given my impending trip to Iceland on Sunday through next Sunday, I figured I should pay tribute to my top 10 travel experiences. This in no way is to put down any and all of my experiences so far, as all have been amazing, but here are the ones I can think of; I might even be able to expand the list to 20 or more too. But here are the top ten as of now. So without further ado, here it goes (in reverse order).

Honorable Mentions:
-  Being on of two people on the AP Euro trip in 2010 who weren't almost arrested by the Hungarian subway police
- Getting accosted by a roughly 9-year old French-speaking gypsy/beggar kid in the back street of Krakow, Poland
- Learning why you shouldn't fall asleep with your mouth open in the back of the bus when surrounded by scheming friends. I still need to get them back for that.
- Admiring how all the girls in Montreal were smokin' hot (not making that up, honestly)
- The overnight train from Edinburgh to London. It was pretty cramped, but I thought it was a neat experience.
- Establishing that there isn't anything to do in (North) Wales

10) The experience of seeing and experiencing different things from your everyday activities at home. It just goes to show how unique each part of the world is.
9) The different currencies. Call me weird but it is something special holding a different currency in your hand.
8) The city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Amazing, amazing, amazing city.
7) Meeting new people each and every trip
6) Visiting the town with the longest name in the UK, in North Wales
5) The epic bonding on the two AP Euro trips I was a part of. We fit 12 people onto one bed our last night in London.
4) Looking down at the St. Lawrence Rive in La Citadelle in Quebec City
3) Eating pierogi and kielbasa for the first time. Best food I've had overseas, and they certainly can compete for title of "food I'd love to eat day in and out".
2) Earning the title of Magyar McMoneybags III, Esquire due to accidentally withdrawing $250 of Hungarian Forints within the first hour or so of being in Hungary. And yes, it was a mathematical mistake on my part when I calculated the transaction, thanks for asking.
1) Visiting Auschwitz. It was one of the most sobering experiences in my life so far.

Sorry about the lack of posts...

In case you read this blog, you'll have noticed that I really haven't done much posting here. It's that I haven't really had any blogable material lately, and that I have other media outlets to talk about life, and much faster. I put a lot of my random thoughts on Twitter, so you can find me there @CSmeeth. Though I will try to blog more, if all possible. No promises though, but I'll try.