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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anonymous act of kindness via Tumblr

As the title would indicate, well, it says it all. Here's my highlights of it, complete with the responses I've been getting back. Note that this is me asking questions on a friend's Tumblr.

Me: I think my life's biggest joy so far has been volunteering and making others happy. It's the best birthday or Christmas present one can ask for. I think of it like planting a tree or beautiful flowers-you give hope, care, and love to others and watch them as that grows into happiness in its purest form. And it's simply beautiful to watch happen. It's amazing.
"Wow. You are such an inspiration and I truly hope that you find the best in life. I completely agree, volunteering anywhere and just watching the people as their happiness grows is just incredible. It’s so beautiful, it’s why I love working with children so often. I want to make a career out of art therapy just so I can help people find happiness. :)"

The pleasure is all mine, madame. And I thank you for the huge grin on my face knowing that I've helped you.
"Someone certainly sounds like a gentleman/lady. :) And i’m glad you’re smiling. I love it when my followers smile. <3 It makes me even happier to know I’m the reason :)"

 This response literally made me beam. I can't explain the happiness I felt when I read it, but man, it's amazing to know how far kind words can go:
Personally, I don't see flaws in you, I see positive things, if that helps. In my eyes, you're spectacular.
"lkfjlkdsjlkas oh my goodness :) It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside so thank you. I’m working on self love. I realized if I can’t love myself how can I expect other people to? :) Im on the road to healing <3 Thank you so much."

In conclusion, kind words DO go a long way. And it gives me great pleasure like to other to be able to make others happy; if I can make others happy, then I'm happy!