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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

US-Canada game

Right now it's 4-4 with 15:45 in the second period of a huge game between the US and Canada at the 2008 World Juniors. It's frustrating since the US had a 3-0 lead with eight minutes left in the first period that they blew, with Canada coming back to tie it 3-3 after one. It's been really physical so far and and a ton of penalties, a lot coming from Canada. The US had a sloppy second half of the first period after thoroughly dominating the first part of the period. However they have been picking their game up. It's been really interesting now, with both teams fighting it out. Stay tuned

Edit- Cody Hodgson just scored off of a tip from P.K. Subban's shot on a powerplay

Sunday, December 28, 2008


God help the Kazakhs. For the pregame, the commentators were talking about how the record for most goals scored in one game at the WJC's and Canada's record for most goals in a game (18). AND Team Kazakhstan played against Germany last night, losing 9-0, and then they're playing less than 24 hours again against a ridiculously high powered Canada squad. We can only hope it'd be in single digits. In fact Canada scored withing the first three minutes of the game. Honestly, I'll be suprised if it's not over within the first, maybe even second, period. I mean, the Kazakh goalie is only around 5 foot 8 and there are several Kazakh players who aren't even 5'8''. In fact, the announcer mentioned that there were only around 30 players whom Team Kazakhstan could pick from, and there were only 20 selected. Still, they put a scare against Russia last year losing 5-4 so anything could happen; however that prospect is pretty bleak. Stay tuned for the inevitable lopsided goals.
-Update: 4-0 Canada with 2:20 left in the first. Shots are 22-2.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Canada just scored again

Angelo Esposito just scored on a pass from John Tavares, who's been having an excellent night so far. And ironically as I write this, Ryan Ellis just scored to extend Canada's lead to 4-0. By the way things are going, Canada is going to be a team that nobody is going to want to play, they're looking scary good. It's been so one sided so far it's depressing. Right now it's 2:34 into the third and it's now 6-0 Canada with Chris DiDomenico just scoring off of an assist from Zach Boychuk. It's probably going to be getting uglier too, which is depressing.

John Tavares

John Tavares just scored his second goal of the night, and what a beauty it was. It came on a one timer from Jordan Eberle across the crease and Tavares easily put the puck at the back of net behind a sprawling Tomas Vosvrda. Tavares has already gotten three points, the third coming from an assist to Angelo Esposito's goal.

Canada-Czech Republic game

It's the end of the first period in the Canada-Czech Republic tilt and it's 1-0 Canada. John Tavares scored a beauty on the powerplay with 3.3 seconds left in the period. It was getting climatic with all of Canada's scoring chances, and Tavares finally converted. Other than the breakdown there, it's basically an even game, though Canada's Stefan Delle Rovere threw a monster hit by the Czech bench. I can't wait to watch the rest of the game, because this has the makings of a classic, with solid goaltending on both sides, highlighted with an amazing Dustin Tokarski breakaway stop on Vladimir Ruzicka. Stay tuned for more.

Early Musings for the 2008 World Junior Hockey Tournament

Right now it's the first day of the World Juniors in Ottawa and so far the only games are Germany-US, which the US won handily, winning 8-2. The Americans scored first, on a beautiful one timer in front of Timo Pielmeier, the hapless German goalie who allowed the first 5 goals after the first two periods. The Germans struck back, with a tip in front of Thomas McCollum. From there on it was all America. At the start of the third Germany put their backup goalie, Phillip Grubauer, in net. He gave up three goals in relief but Germany showed signs of promise.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Two Months

Aside from the joy of Christmas, three days ago it was my two months with my lovely girlfriend. Eve, I love you with an amazing passion. I don't know what I would be without you. I got lucky to meet you and thank god I did.

Merry Christmas!!!

Everybody, I hope you have a safe and wonderful Christmas! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, happy Hannukah or whatever you celebrate (sorry for the vagueness by the way)!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another random thing

I just saw the Jim Valvano speech and I just had to say that it was awesome. I mean, he's dying but he has a really optimistic view of life. If it doesn't move you then you don't have a pulse. Seriously, check it out.

Random Thoughts

So it's the second week of school and the first full week of school. So far it's been good, though juggling with all my courses are hinting that they'll be rough, but right now I like my classes. My AP classes should be fun yet challenging, and I really think my AP Euro History class should be a blast. Right now I'm thinking that the Bruin Block thing might either be a good thing or it'll turn out to be completely pointless. Also, just wanted to say how much having a cold sucks, especially trying to play the trombone.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Last Lecture

I'm reading this and I just wanted to say how amazing the book The Last Lecture is. For those that don't know it's about Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh who's dying (and eventually passed away recently) of pancreatic cancer. This book was (literally) his last lecture, usually given by a retiring professor, and wow was this emotional. I admit it, I was trying not to cry. This just put life into perspective and how I take life for granted. I strongly recommend this book to anyone.

Marching Band

Yeah I know, when you hear marching band people think "band geeks". Well in six days I'll be going to marching band camp for two weeks. It's actually pretty hard, we're out there for four hours in the sun then we go inside to work on our music. Well since this is my upcoming junior year I'm kinda already accustomed to the hardships, so I'll probably be hearing a ton of whining from the freshmen. It's definately a character building lesson, because we repeatedly have to do maybe on or two parts over and over until we get it down pat. Anyways, I'm actually somewhat looking forward to camp since I'll be a vet and I can help the younger people (or just boss them around) and that I'll be seeing some of my friends that I didn't see over the summer. So just remember this, while most of you are inside watching the Olympics 200 of us will be outside in the sun working on a 15 minute show for your entertainment at our high school football games. Call us band geeks then.


So as you all know the Olympics have started and I'm liking what I'm watching. Everything's been very fun to watch, though I've only really been watching volleyball and some swimming. I look forward to watching other things, though school and marching band might interfere. If that's the case, it's still been fun watching athletes play/swim/run their hearts out.