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Monday, December 19, 2011

Where to find me

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First semester reflections from sophomore year

(Sorry about the lack of content for a while. I've been busy as well as blogging on my school blog at csmeeth.umwblogs.org.Anyways, here's the update.)
So the first semester of sophomore year is over as of yesterday, and man did the time fly. As cliched as this sounds, especially since I’m a veteran student here at UMW, it seems like the other day that I was moving in to Eagle Landing. It definitely feels like a long time ago since I moved in only to run smack dab into that overhyped storm of ours and to lose power for several hours. Anyways, I can’t believe that I’m halfway through to being halfway through my collegiate career. In honor of that, I’d like to take a look back at the highlights of the year so far.
- Moving in and meeting my roommate and the suitemates for year two. They’re a great bunch of guys, and I can’t wish for better.
- Moving in and having the power go out an hour after I’d arrived, and since we were on first floor nobody was there. I’d like to thank Nina and her friends for providing us with something to do in that time.
- Realizing that Harry was a far, far better roommate than one of my two ones from last year.
- Finding out that I had two members of the tennis team as suitemates.
- Realizing that I was a sophomore in college, with the cliched phenomenon of questioning where the time went.
- The epic Mario Kart/Super Smash Bros./Mario Party sessions we’ve had, as well as the first Mario Kart tournament I’ve been a part of.
- "Suck it Birdo"...then at the very end getting lapped by him/her/it/whatever the hell it is.
- "Look mom, I can fly!", followed by me getting hit and then run over and then being knocked out of bounds.
- Establishing how much of a useless moron Funky Kong is. Yes, I'm still mad about his lack of prowess in both Mario Kart and Mario Super Sluggers. My god do I hate that useless piece of shit.
- Getting game-winning, walk off three run homers off of Mark to come from behind and win. Though I'm now 3-4 against him, and I almost had another comeback of my own, but alas, it wasn't enough as I eventually lost by one run to lose the series against him.
- Running out to GameStop when NHL 12 and Skyrim came out, and being judged, in a good way, for doing so. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
- Year two of the UMW Street Hockey Club, and the awesomeness that we’ve had so far. No seriously, we have our own version of the Stanley Cup-the Eagle One Cup.
- All the stupid things we’ve said and subsequently coined as the phrases in our room. We “roll how we do”, after all.
- All of the stuff we’ve done in our room that made first semester as quirky as it has been.
- Our living room couch being where both Alex and Mark brought girls back. Use your imagination as to how they used it.
- Segue: waking up at 10 AM on a Monday morning to hear a guy and girl having pretty loud sex in the room next door.
- ATTENTION: The walls in Eagle Landing are not, as they claim, soundproof.
- The laughs we’ve all collectively shared.
- The awesome people I’ve met so far this year.
- Getting away with doing even more texting in the back corner of the band room for Symphony…and knowing that at the end of the year I’ll get paid for doing so. Life is good.
- Being fortunate enough to play with great musicians in the concerts we’ve had so far.
- The lucky moments where something awesome happened out of nothing.
- Our infamous moment where we played Mario Party at 1 in the morning, thanks to Mark being super drunk and insisting that we play. We ended up not beating him because of *bleeping* Birdo, who got insanely lucky. I may still be mad from that.
- Learning in ways in which we didn’t care to about how exactly soundproof the walls in Eagle Landing are.
- Learning that Poptarts may/may not be a way to serve as a pickup line.
- All the random conversations that we’ve had after German class.
- Being able to talk about the English Premier League, and talking smack about Man. United and Man. City. It’s all about Chelsea FC anyways.
- Meeting the greatest people while volunteering.
- The amazing satisfaction when you look at what you’ve accomplished when volunteering. It’s an amazing feeling!
- Finding out that you’re not the only person with a flag of Bhutan in their room. Thanks, Tonto!

There may be things that I left out here, and come to think of I’m pretty sure I’ve left out a ton, but this is all that I can remember for now. Hey well, here’s to another semester of making memories at UMW!