Hi, and welcome to my blog-turned-place where I post my writing. This is my outlet to put them up, which was radically different from the blog that this started out as. I hope you'll have a good time reading my blog/place where I post some poetry and some short stories. I try to cover a variety of topics in these works of mine, so I hope any readers will enjoy it. I'm not an English major by any stretch, but I enjoy writing. Critique would be nice for my writing, cause lord knows I could work on it. Enjoy!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Where to find me

In case you miss these posts, my school blog (csmeeth.umwblogs.org) is occasionally updated as well as following me on Twitter @CSmeeth. My school blog is used mainly for academic-related thoughts, but I try to make it fun. As for Twitter, it's my random, non-academia-related thoughts and the like. Get at me, peeps.

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