Hi, and welcome to my blog-turned-place where I post my writing. This is my outlet to put them up, which was radically different from the blog that this started out as. I hope you'll have a good time reading my blog/place where I post some poetry and some short stories. I try to cover a variety of topics in these works of mine, so I hope any readers will enjoy it. I'm not an English major by any stretch, but I enjoy writing. Critique would be nice for my writing, cause lord knows I could work on it. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

World Juniors today!

So taking a break from all the sincere and deep posts I've just published today, the World Junior Championships start today, along with pickup hockey again! I've literally been waiting all week for this, and yes, that means even more than Christmas. As my friend Bobby said, he imagined me saying, "Christmas? Screw that, I want some hockey!", which more or less is the case here. And the best part is, I have enough shirts to cover the teams that I want to win today (go Latvia, Czech Republic, and the US!).

- Latvia vs. Canada. As much as I'm pulling for the perennial underdogs the Latvians, realistically this could be ugly. But hey, that's always why they play the game.
- Czech Republic vs. Sweden. Sweden is one of the favorites to play in the championship game and the Czechs have been tapering off in their recent showings, but I'm gonna support them to do well, for this game and in general for the duration of the tournament.
- US vs. Slovakia. This is huge, as Slovakia beat us and knocked us out of medal contention. This should be a very intriguing matchup; however, the Slovaks don't have Jaroslav Janus this time around, and the US's goalies are highly thought of.

Remember back in the day?

Another pretty deep thought I had was last night when I was attempting to fall asleep. I remembered back when I was like 6-ish when I was at my friend's house and we were playing hide and seek throughout his house. Anyways, it just reminded me how pure we were a long time ago, as well chronicling how much we've grown up. I guess part of me doesn't want to give up that innocence that we all possessed back in the day, especially since I'm going to be going to college very soon.

So there was another part to this thought that I had. When we were in the theater and watching Avatar (great movie by the way, I highly recommend it), there was this preview for Toy Story 3. And in it, it was how this one kid had a blast with his toys when he was young. And I mean that they were the defining part of his life as a kid. However, now that he is going off to college, that meant that he has to give up what was an integral part of his life. In a way, that embodies what I'll have to do. My stuffed animal cat, Eeschwee, has been with me for 17, almost 18 years now, and I don't want to give him up. My fear is that when I'm off to wherever I get accepted to, something bad will happen to him. Should I take him to the dorm or should I leave him behind at home? I don't want to lose him, because he really was there for me my whole life.

The Real Chrystanthemum in Winter

So yesterday was Christmas Day 2009, and I'm just going to be reflecting on my opinions of a rather, in my humble opinion, unspectacular Christmas this year. I saw on Facebook that people were getting Wii's, 360's, PS3's, and even cars. I feel that it kinda defeats the purpose of Christmas. Has America really become obsessed with receiving rather than giving, and at what cost will this have when it's time to enter the real world? Maybe I'm just bitter that other people to the lavish gifts while I got a hockey stick (to replace my old broken one), a bath robe, and a long sleeved American Eagle shirt. These actually are practical cause hey, I can use them for practical purposes. I dunno, I just feel that most people, or at least a good portion of them, forget the initial charm and goodwill behind these gifts. Me? I personally believe that Christ's birthday has been turned into a mass consumer shopping spree. That, and I just like sticking it to the man and not asking for much.

One a semi-related note, I'm planning on asking to go to work at a soup kitchen for my birthday; I feel that I should celebrate by good fortune in life by helping the other less fortunate people out there. Yeah, there probably are stuff that I'm going to want to get, but really, if I actually wanted them badly enough, I'd go buy it myself; it's not like I wouldn't have enough money to do so anyways. Besides, I don't want anybody to go out of their way to make me feel happy for one day when I'm not really that special at all.

Anyways, I'm going to conlude this little thought of mine by saying that I hope everybody else had an awesome Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

My First College Acceptance

I just received the admissions decision from Randolph-Macon College today saying that yes, I got accepted there! And they're going to give me the Dean's Scholarship of $12,500 a year (provided I keep up with my grades), and then the FAFSA $3,000! Life is feeling pretty good cause of this!

Monday, November 30, 2009

It doesn't get randomer than this dream did...

I've got to chronicle this dream I had last night. I don't recall the beginning or how it started, but basically I think it was about trying to drum up spirit, as a worker for a small newspaper company in a small southern town ( I'm pretty sure it was in Louisiana, and in a muggy and swampy area at that). I remember Evan being in it too, oddly enough, and the only memory I had of him was him enlisting me to help paint a rowdy bear (don't ask, it STILL doesn't make sense to me, even in a dream) in LSU colors. Yeah. Don't ask. So after that, everything was a blur until the morning, where I actually am able to string together the images of last night's dream with what I remember happened. Um so what I do remember is I was partnered with a female member of the paper staff where evidently I worked at. And I'm pretty sure we were supposed to do a story on a flying paper epidemic (don't judge...dreams are supposed to be weird...I think...), and by that we were supposed to fake it. So um I pretended to be two residents of a town that was devastated by this alleged "flying paper epidemic". And if I recall, it was pretty successful, according to my female colleague. The first time, I was an older guy more or less who stated the facts, but in the second of the two interviews I was a younger guy who was in tears who was talking about it. So, after these two interviews, the female colleague of mine who was attractive kissed me, because she was so pleased. And then we got the news from the editor that we had to cover something in a big city, which amazingly was pretty reminiscent of London. And yes, the dream went from the backwaters of Louisiana to the big city of London. And then I woke up. Stay tuned for the next bizarre dream of mine, which may or may not be tonight.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I wish October 24 was here

So I got news that there are tryouts for two Major League Roller Hockey teams on the 24th of October, albeit at the minor level at that, and no contact. Still, I'm pretty pumped up to at least get the opportunity to try out for these two teams (Virginia Wings and DC FiliBusters). I mean, it's not every day that I get to try out to be a professional, especially at the tender age of 17. Stay tuned for it, cause hopefully (knock on wood) I make it. Thanks for any and all support, I'm stoked for this!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Girlfriend =)

So today was the second time that I'd been over to Alexis' house, my very amazing and very beautiful girlfriend, and I just have to say, it was soooooooooo much fun. I went to her house over to Columbus Day holliday, but this time was even better. We played Wii for the first half, which was the first time I'd played one, and we had a lot of shenanigans happen. Namely, me tickling her when it was her turn, her scoring on herself in air hockey, her beating the crap out of me in cow riding (she's an expert at that, from what I've inferred), and us tying in billiards...only for me to lose from my accumulated "fouls". Oh man that was a blast! And for the second part, we were watching Star Wars: A New Hope. While doing so, along with Monday's movie/cuddling shenanigans, we were cuddling up and were intertwined, something I really enjoyed (=]). And thus, I ended up leaning over and kissing her, leading to at least a minute or two of solid kissing time. IN conclusion, it was a VERY fun time today!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Making a new female accquaintance

So this follows up (kinda) to my updating you on what's happened since the last time I really blogged. Alrighty, so last night, I was driving out to Borders in the rain (horrible conditions, at night, pouring down rain, although I love it when it rains), when I got a text from a number I didn't recognize. It was a 571 area code number, so I knew it was somebody in the area. Well lo and behold, it was the (cute) bassoonist whom I had complimented earlier in the week. Turns out that she had requested- (I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda cute, awkward, and awesome at the same time) from one of my fellow trombone section leaders- my number so she could say thanks. Well, it led to a huge text marathon that consequently ended up making my night. Some things that I learned was that in addition to being pretty cute (it's that redhead charm of hers) that she kinda was somewhat flirting with me, until I told her that I have a very amazing girlfriend of my own. It was all good since she has a very cool personality and seems like a nice girl. Personally, I think it was nice of her to contact me back via text to say thanks and to kind of introduce herself. Now, what does this have to do with me potentially breaking the spell of not going to homecoming throughout my high school years? Well today she said that she was going homecoming dress shopping, and that she did pick out a dress. And that she'd be open to me asking her to homecoming. So yeah, I've had a pretty nice weekend so far.

Oh yeah, I just remembered this dream I had a while ago...

So like the caption above said, I felt like I needed to share a dream of mine that I had recently. If anybody out there has read my blog, you know that I had one bizarre dream combining the latest Harry Potter movie and UNC-Greensboro's campus. Well, this one is about zombies, those lovable buggers that just love nothing more than to eat your brain(s). So um I don't really recall the details about said dream, but evidently I was running away with a bunch of other people in a group from zombies taking over this one unnamed, unspecified town. And that evidently there was this one girl that had an attraction to me. And that there was a good amount of violence involved. And that I evidently learned that hiding prone under one huge, white bedsheet with the afformentioned group of fleeing survivors in a very largely infested zombie population equals 110% invisibility. Oh and, did I mention that said girl wanted to hold my hand and make out with me under this bedsheet.....and that she was suspected of beginning to turn into a zombie...and I kinda was saying "hell no, I know you're starting to zombify me and I don't want that to happen. Well, all of this did happen in the dream. And for those of you that are curious to know what happened after this...WELL TOO BAD CAUSE I WOKE UP CAUSE I HAD TO GO TO SCHOOL.

Some updated thoughts since my last posts

Alright, so this is catch up time. First of all, I recently celebrated a very happy one month (August 16th is the anniversary) with my lovely and amazing girlfriend Alex =)))). Even though I recently got the really bad news that her mom nixed her coming down to homecoming =((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((, I still love her no matter what. And on the topic of homecoming, since she really was the only reason why I was planning to go, I'm kinda planning not to go, although I may actually change my mind on that (more to come on that, actually). So really, this was my update since last time.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Homecoming Plans 09

This is a bit of semi-old news, but after the UNCG music camp (wow I'm a band kid) I basically met this very awesome girl. And she is very good looking and very cool. Long story short, she said that she's planning to come down for my homecoming this upcoming year. Meaning, she's driving up all the way from the Greensboro area of North Carolina to come up for the homecoming weekend. And I'm not gonna lie, that's pretty beast. I'm looking forward to homecoming this year!

Weird Harry Potter/UNCG Dream I had last night

So basically, last night I had a very interesting/amazingly weird dream. It involved me as a Harry Potter type figure being chased by the Death Eaters, who evidently had killed all of my immediate family, around the campus of UNC-Greensboro. Yeah, it was weird. And evidently in the dream I had three other unnamed friends, one in the vein of Ron and another guy friend and a girl friend in the vein of Hermione. So basically, for those of you that have been on campus, most of this took place in the Caf (the cafeteria fyi) and in a new, constructed (though not yet finished) dorm (which looked like it was about 80% finished btw, there was a ton of concrete if I remember-kind of like Lake Braddock pre-finished renovation). And defying all sense of logic, I had an Invisibility Cloak. And the Death Eaters had wands and somehow me and all of my friends did not. Talk about being screwed for survival. So really, to cap this recap of a very silly dream off, the last two things I remember is a) hearing in the dream about how my family basically got massacred and b) thinking about how the heck I'd be getting home without a car and driving all the way back home to good old Virginia.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

When overseas shipping really gets aggravating

So it's now been two weeks and a day, and the Team Germany jersey that I bought off their official website still hasn't come. Yeah, I know their work days/hours are a lot shorter than ours and the jersey would have to go through customs. Still, it should not take this long. Though I think it would have something to do with the French language that I had to interpret through the site that actually had me buy it (weird, no?). Oh well, I can wait a week longer...hopefully.

SAT part deux

Yeah so, the other day I got my SAT results. And it blew. Seriously, how the heck did I do worse the second time around? I mean, I only improved total by 20 points, and that was for the Writing portion, which doesn't really count at all for colleges! My English comprehension even went down, and it's a semi-strong point for me! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! This really is an FML moment, cause I'm now gonna be working on preparing for a third SAT come October.

But on a related note, congrats to Eve Chase for making it to TJ. She really deserves it.


Yeah, so I'm at home doing pretty much nothing. Please call me, anybody, and just chill with me. Really, there's only so much I can take of boredom.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fourth Day of Reunion

So at this point, it was just me, my bro, and my cousins who coincidentally lived in the house that my bro and I were so graciously living in. And I know this is going to throw people off, but we actually didn't play Rock Band to start the day. I was on the internet doing my stuff while my bro was somewhere doing something and my cousin Richie was playing WoW. Then we got down to business- Rock Band. A new band was born, Ghettow (note the strategic placement of the 'w' at the end). After that, we went to lunch to one amazingly pathetic Chinese buffet place. I mean, the place obviously had spent tons of money on decor, the food, not so much. I mean, my Sprite tasted like freaking Club Soda. So yeah, definitely a waste of time and money. After this pathetic excuse for lunch, my mom, my dad, my bro, and I put in another two hours at my grandparents' house. I feel so relieved and happy that we did so much work. But now, I'm leaving tomorrow to drive all the way, in one sitting, back to the grand ol' commonwealth of Virginia.

Third Day of Family Reunion

So again, after waking up to a massive Rock Band hangover, surrounded by empty soda and beer cans, we woke up. This would be even more awesome than I just described it. Another day of just chilling with the awesome cousins from the epic states of Colorado and Illinois awaited. And really, that just meant that we played Rock Band, and for a change of pace, Super Smash Bros Brawl and Kirby Air Ride and some people soloed in Guitar Hero 3. But seriously folks, we had the family pictures taken, which were fun to do; or at least more fun and yelling and schemes than are normally associated with family reunion photos. Not long after this, my dad and I went to my grandparents' house to do yard work. We ended up doing three hours of work, which was back breaking in the heat and with those dang skeeters. However, I felt good that I got to help out my grandparents, whom I probably won't be seeing much of either; ditto, cause I don't know many people who do yard work on Summer trips, much less family reunions. And as the last few posts have went, we ended the night with Rock Band, albeit with some cousins gone.

Second Day of Family Reunion

So, after all the guys were up until the wee hours of the morning either watching/playing Rock Band, and consequently sleeping in for about 10 hours, we were headed for a busy day. After having a single doughnut and nothing else to drink (well, excluding the ton of soda I had the previous night) it was time for the "beach". And when I say beach in quotes, it's because a) this is mainland Illinois and b) it was an artificial beach, made out of an old quarry. Anyways, an interesting side note is how my aunts and uncles came here when they were kids...weird. Getting back on track, it was pretty packed parking wise, but honestly, that's irrelevant. So other than the fact that I just lied about getting on track, cause I'm a sneaky fiend at that, it was awesome. It was like a standard pool, just with sand, like a beach. With the cousins, we immediately went to the deep end to do some heavy duty jumping in for pictures. Yeah, we basically spent the time there just jumping in and out of the water; contrary to anything you'd imagine it was a productive waste of time. After deciding to not go in, we played frisbee, which was pretty fun too. In fact, I'm going out on a limb and say the day was fun. Then we got home and played Rock Band until we couldn't take it anymore. And by that, I mean we played again into the wee hours of the morning with many a Airhead eaten and plenty of soda and beer (Disclaimer: the legal cousins drank this, not me) were consumed. And thus ends the second day.

Family Reunion Day One thoughts

So my family and I have arrived in Illinois after splitting up the driving over the course of two days, so the day was Friday (first day was up in Ohio, second one was all the way from Ohio through Indiana, and a tornado warning, to Illinois). We arrived safely, for those that might be asking (not like any of you guys out there read this blog), around 3-ish local time. We then unpacked our stuff at my cousin's house, and then headed out to the Oakland A's single A baseball affiliate, the Kane County Cougars, game. Unfortunately, it started storming, so no game. We then headed home for a Rock band marathon. This thus started a spiral of late night Rock Band marathons at 12/11 central time until none of us could see straight. So it was pretty chill first night of everybody being there.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Detroit-Pittsburgh Game 5 thoughts

It's currently a minute and a half in the third period, and it's pretty one sided. Detroit scored four goals within 10 minutes, going three for four on the powerplay. And they looked mad as hell, they're coming out with a vengeance. Though to be fair, the Penguins are losing it; they've taken a ton of stupid retaliatory penalties. The way this game is going, it's looking bad for the Penguins, they're going to be hard pressed to win game 6 at Pittsburgh. And Fleury really needs to get back if they want to stand a chance, cause getting yanked after five goals can mess with your head. Anyways, I call for the Wings to win it next game, so in six total.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain...please stay

So after the last four days of rain, I just want to say that I love it. I mean, I love it when it rains, so this is really nirvana for me. Driving home underneath the lush green trees is a surreal feeling. And I sleep better when it rains, so yeah. This rain is pretty fine for me.

Monday, May 4, 2009

5/4/09 Musings on the IIHF World Hockey Championships

The US lost to Switzerland today, by the final score of 4-3. I'm really dissapointed, as the US hasn't really seemed to be motivated enough. I mean, sure, the addition of various players throughout the tournament hasn't exactly helped, but come on, we're allegedly one of the best hockey playing countries in the world. And while I'm on the topic, the goalie tandem of an ex-NHLer and a former number five overall pick now toiling in the minors for a different team is not doing well. Robert Esche and Al Montoya are decent enough, but come one, are you telling me that there weren't better options available for the US? Fortunately their regulation loss means that they move on, along with my new favorite country of Latvia. The US plays on Wednesday against a new archrival in Finland and Latvia plays the juggernauts in Canada. To round out the quarterfinals, Belarus plays Russia and the Czechs play the Swedes. Good luck guys, and hopefully the Americans win and Latvia pulls out a (highly improbable) win against our neighbors to the north.

AP Exams Just Around the Corner

So I have my upcoming AP US History and AP European History exams this Friday, and my AP English Comp. exam next Wednesday. I honestly feel that I would rather do solely writing, as they are now a strength of mine. Now the multiple choice is a different beast. Oh well, I'm gonna do my best. I figure I've prepared enough for them throughout the year, and heck, I'm not gonna go and blow them now. Bring 'em on!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

That Cute Girl.....

As my favorite European history, Mr. Novak, likes to say, "Spring is in the air". And I'm feeling it. With that said, there's this really cute girl that I like, and who happens to be really nice. I'm kinda shy right now, but I really hope to talk to her more. I mean, she's really nice and I admire her ability to be pretty dang optimistic. And I really, really, really love her eyes. Hint: her name is Catherine, last name starts with an 'S'. I especially love her eyes among other things, not that the rest of her isn't already really cute. If only I had the guts to really say something more to her. This is where I hate being shy and quiet. God dang I hate my natural instincts to be shy.

Random Saturday Thought

I really, really, really have the urge to start making more movies than ever. Thanks the the Brad Miller Show on youtube, and me just seeing the school play, the urge to film is greater than ever. I've got so many good/fun ideas (stop me if you've heard that before...) that I just feel should be thrown out into a movie/video. And yeah, I do spend a lot of my free time thinking about these, if you were actually out there, the one or two people that actually know about my blog.

School Play is Pretty Cool

So today is Saturday, May the second. I spent nearly three well spent hours in Lake Braddock's Little Theater watching the theater kids perform A Streetcar Named Desire. And I have to say that it was one heck of a show. The acting was top notch, as the emotion of the characters was well delivered; heck, I even got a bit teary eyed myself at the sentimental parts. Special effects were a treat as always, along with the very well crafted set. The set was rather simple, as the only thing onstage was a huge prop of a house. Minor props were used, as a ton of bottles, which probably cost a lot if the play was performed four times this week. Nice touch though, brought a lot of reality to the various consumation of beer. Nevertheless it was very well designed, so special props to the set designers on that. Another very successful tactic was the use of flashbacks to let the audience gain more insight on the plight of the characters. If any parts caused any audience members to start to get teary eyed, this was it. I felt like "dang, I really sympathize with what she [Blanche] went through with as a youth". I really felt like these scenes really reminded me how to never forget the past and to definitely cherish what I currently have at my hands. Moving on, though this seems a bit sudden as I write this, but the tounge-in-cheek humor was a hit. There wasn't many explicit humorous parts, but I liked how there were some parts of humor tucked into the various scenes. I feel that the acting for this was the best part, as the various characters really contrasted with each other thanks to superb acting. Without the amazing performances of the actors I would not have enjoyed the play as much as I did; that's not to say that it would have been a fun play to watch, just that it was the strongest part of the play, in my opinion. The only gripe I have is relatively minor, and that's just that at a few points in the play was I (temporarily) confused at what was going on. Amazing show all around. Yet another fine performance for the Lake Braddock Theater Department. You guys rock.

IIHF 2009 Thoughts So Far, As of May 2nd

I've been following the 2009 IIHF World Championships with a lot of passion lately. The reason why I didn't say "watch" is because I can't find a place to watch it on, which is a huge bummer. Anyways, it's been pretty good so far. Hungary, despite the fact that they're heavily outclassed, has been playing with a ton of heart; best of luck to their future years of hockey as they're the odds on favorite to relegate down to Division 1. A few of my other favorite teams, the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland haven't been doing too hot. Germany is in the relegation round, along with Austria, meaning that they might be moving down to Division 1 too; Germany is hosting the World Championships next year, so they can't move down as next year's hosts, however Austria looks like they are going to be moving out of the world's elite level of hockey. As for the national country, the US has lost their last two, to Sweden in a heartbreaker and to Russia today. They were up 5-1 with about 10 minutes, even less, in the game when Sweden rallied back. And today, they plain just played flat. Not all is lost however. I've been developing a huge crush on the nation of...Latvia. I respect how they've won all of their games except for an early loss the the Americans. I just respect their team play and tenacity, not to mention how Latvian names are amazing. I seriously have a huge urge to buy Latvian team merchandise cause of their success! Anyways, stay tuned for more on the World Championships.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Breaking Up

So yesterday I just broke up with my lovely girlfriend of four months. Ideally, I would have love to stayed with her but lately things haven't been going to smoothly in our relationship. It sucks especially since I really love her. Hopefully we can get back together sometime soon.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I have the urge to buy some new shirts

After watching Denmark and Norway finish the first period of their game, I suddenly discovered the craving to buy their team logo shirts. I really like their logos, so that might be why. But I'm thinking about the German, Swiss, Danish, Norweigan, and Latvian shirts, not to mention a UMass shirt. Gonna be costly but I really want them.

International Hockey

I've been watching the Olympic qualifying matches for hockey, and it's been pretty fun. Right now I'm watching Denmark-Norway, and it's 2-1 Denmark in the first. It's just cool watching it on Scandinavian TV on a high quality link, not to mention seeing different teams play.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Thoughts

So today is my 17th birthday, and I honestly don't really care. I mean, it's just like any other day except it just so happens that I turned 17. I figure that I've outgrown celebrations so I didn't do anything, I just sat home doing whatever. And I'm fine with that. In my humble opinion, throwing parties is outdated, not to mention a bit stupid. My reasoning behind that is that I'm most likely going to be having many more birthdays so it's not like I can't sneak a party or two in. And really, I feel like that nowadays people are in the "it's my birthday so treat me like a king/queen" mentality, and I don't like that. Oh well, so here's to the last hours of my birthday and doing nothing to celebrate it. For the record, I enjoy sticking it to the man.