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Monday, August 3, 2009

Weird Harry Potter/UNCG Dream I had last night

So basically, last night I had a very interesting/amazingly weird dream. It involved me as a Harry Potter type figure being chased by the Death Eaters, who evidently had killed all of my immediate family, around the campus of UNC-Greensboro. Yeah, it was weird. And evidently in the dream I had three other unnamed friends, one in the vein of Ron and another guy friend and a girl friend in the vein of Hermione. So basically, for those of you that have been on campus, most of this took place in the Caf (the cafeteria fyi) and in a new, constructed (though not yet finished) dorm (which looked like it was about 80% finished btw, there was a ton of concrete if I remember-kind of like Lake Braddock pre-finished renovation). And defying all sense of logic, I had an Invisibility Cloak. And the Death Eaters had wands and somehow me and all of my friends did not. Talk about being screwed for survival. So really, to cap this recap of a very silly dream off, the last two things I remember is a) hearing in the dream about how my family basically got massacred and b) thinking about how the heck I'd be getting home without a car and driving all the way back home to good old Virginia.

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