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Saturday, May 2, 2009

School Play is Pretty Cool

So today is Saturday, May the second. I spent nearly three well spent hours in Lake Braddock's Little Theater watching the theater kids perform A Streetcar Named Desire. And I have to say that it was one heck of a show. The acting was top notch, as the emotion of the characters was well delivered; heck, I even got a bit teary eyed myself at the sentimental parts. Special effects were a treat as always, along with the very well crafted set. The set was rather simple, as the only thing onstage was a huge prop of a house. Minor props were used, as a ton of bottles, which probably cost a lot if the play was performed four times this week. Nice touch though, brought a lot of reality to the various consumation of beer. Nevertheless it was very well designed, so special props to the set designers on that. Another very successful tactic was the use of flashbacks to let the audience gain more insight on the plight of the characters. If any parts caused any audience members to start to get teary eyed, this was it. I felt like "dang, I really sympathize with what she [Blanche] went through with as a youth". I really felt like these scenes really reminded me how to never forget the past and to definitely cherish what I currently have at my hands. Moving on, though this seems a bit sudden as I write this, but the tounge-in-cheek humor was a hit. There wasn't many explicit humorous parts, but I liked how there were some parts of humor tucked into the various scenes. I feel that the acting for this was the best part, as the various characters really contrasted with each other thanks to superb acting. Without the amazing performances of the actors I would not have enjoyed the play as much as I did; that's not to say that it would have been a fun play to watch, just that it was the strongest part of the play, in my opinion. The only gripe I have is relatively minor, and that's just that at a few points in the play was I (temporarily) confused at what was going on. Amazing show all around. Yet another fine performance for the Lake Braddock Theater Department. You guys rock.

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