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Monday, June 22, 2009

Second Day of Family Reunion

So, after all the guys were up until the wee hours of the morning either watching/playing Rock Band, and consequently sleeping in for about 10 hours, we were headed for a busy day. After having a single doughnut and nothing else to drink (well, excluding the ton of soda I had the previous night) it was time for the "beach". And when I say beach in quotes, it's because a) this is mainland Illinois and b) it was an artificial beach, made out of an old quarry. Anyways, an interesting side note is how my aunts and uncles came here when they were kids...weird. Getting back on track, it was pretty packed parking wise, but honestly, that's irrelevant. So other than the fact that I just lied about getting on track, cause I'm a sneaky fiend at that, it was awesome. It was like a standard pool, just with sand, like a beach. With the cousins, we immediately went to the deep end to do some heavy duty jumping in for pictures. Yeah, we basically spent the time there just jumping in and out of the water; contrary to anything you'd imagine it was a productive waste of time. After deciding to not go in, we played frisbee, which was pretty fun too. In fact, I'm going out on a limb and say the day was fun. Then we got home and played Rock Band until we couldn't take it anymore. And by that, I mean we played again into the wee hours of the morning with many a Airhead eaten and plenty of soda and beer (Disclaimer: the legal cousins drank this, not me) were consumed. And thus ends the second day.

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