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Monday, June 22, 2009

Fourth Day of Reunion

So at this point, it was just me, my bro, and my cousins who coincidentally lived in the house that my bro and I were so graciously living in. And I know this is going to throw people off, but we actually didn't play Rock Band to start the day. I was on the internet doing my stuff while my bro was somewhere doing something and my cousin Richie was playing WoW. Then we got down to business- Rock Band. A new band was born, Ghettow (note the strategic placement of the 'w' at the end). After that, we went to lunch to one amazingly pathetic Chinese buffet place. I mean, the place obviously had spent tons of money on decor, the food, not so much. I mean, my Sprite tasted like freaking Club Soda. So yeah, definitely a waste of time and money. After this pathetic excuse for lunch, my mom, my dad, my bro, and I put in another two hours at my grandparents' house. I feel so relieved and happy that we did so much work. But now, I'm leaving tomorrow to drive all the way, in one sitting, back to the grand ol' commonwealth of Virginia.

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