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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh yeah, I just remembered this dream I had a while ago...

So like the caption above said, I felt like I needed to share a dream of mine that I had recently. If anybody out there has read my blog, you know that I had one bizarre dream combining the latest Harry Potter movie and UNC-Greensboro's campus. Well, this one is about zombies, those lovable buggers that just love nothing more than to eat your brain(s). So um I don't really recall the details about said dream, but evidently I was running away with a bunch of other people in a group from zombies taking over this one unnamed, unspecified town. And that evidently there was this one girl that had an attraction to me. And that there was a good amount of violence involved. And that I evidently learned that hiding prone under one huge, white bedsheet with the afformentioned group of fleeing survivors in a very largely infested zombie population equals 110% invisibility. Oh and, did I mention that said girl wanted to hold my hand and make out with me under this bedsheet.....and that she was suspected of beginning to turn into a zombie...and I kinda was saying "hell no, I know you're starting to zombify me and I don't want that to happen. Well, all of this did happen in the dream. And for those of you that are curious to know what happened after this...WELL TOO BAD CAUSE I WOKE UP CAUSE I HAD TO GO TO SCHOOL.

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