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Saturday, December 26, 2009

World Juniors today!

So taking a break from all the sincere and deep posts I've just published today, the World Junior Championships start today, along with pickup hockey again! I've literally been waiting all week for this, and yes, that means even more than Christmas. As my friend Bobby said, he imagined me saying, "Christmas? Screw that, I want some hockey!", which more or less is the case here. And the best part is, I have enough shirts to cover the teams that I want to win today (go Latvia, Czech Republic, and the US!).

- Latvia vs. Canada. As much as I'm pulling for the perennial underdogs the Latvians, realistically this could be ugly. But hey, that's always why they play the game.
- Czech Republic vs. Sweden. Sweden is one of the favorites to play in the championship game and the Czechs have been tapering off in their recent showings, but I'm gonna support them to do well, for this game and in general for the duration of the tournament.
- US vs. Slovakia. This is huge, as Slovakia beat us and knocked us out of medal contention. This should be a very intriguing matchup; however, the Slovaks don't have Jaroslav Janus this time around, and the US's goalies are highly thought of.

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