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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm basically a dog, come to think about it...

So for this post I'm basically going to address my perceived issue of not getting recognition/enough recognition. Lately, I've been pondering about how some people seemed to be blessed with constant attention and/or have a ton of good things happen to them, as well as seemingly being more loved than I am. Yesterday, I saw that my amazing girlfriend Alexis got accepted by the National Honors Society, for which I'm amazingly proud of her (that's a huge understatement). Maybe I'm a bit jealous that her g.p.a. is higher than mine, as NHS inductees have a minimum g.p.a. of 3.5 (I have a 3.409). Or even, maybe I'm jealous that she's even in NHS, which I came valiantly close to getting in this year. Really though, I shouldn't be envious, as it's my fault that I didn't work as hard in the past to get that high of a g.p.a.; also, she'll have a bright future in that, as she has three years of being in it, which is amazing. But alas, she has it better than I have. However, it kinda brought the topic up of how seemingly everybody gets those prestigious honors when I'm shut out. Then again, that's not true. I've put in hours working at soup kitchens, which have been without a doubt the most fun I've ever had. I've been to the Hoover Dam. I've been snorkeling with sharks in the Bahamas. I've been to the aforementioned Bahamas, Vegas, Canada, the whole United Kingdom (minus the Shetlands, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, and the Isle of Wight; but hey, who's asking?), Austria, Switzerland, France, and Germany, and this coming Spring break I'm going back to Germany as well as Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Any does anybody know that? Nope, cause nobody asks me this, or even cares to ask me. Hell, I'd kill to have just a bit more attention. I never have been in a position to be recognized for being a first chair musician in a premier band ensemble. Same goes with sports, I've never been recognized what I can bring to the table. Also, in school I see people who have way better g.p.a.'s than me, and sometimes those people don't even try (or at least appear not to). This ties in with this odd title, as I feel like I'm the dog that you don't mind, but when it's gone, you realize what you miss. But that's okay, I'll take it. Like a dog, I'll be there for you always. I'll be there to comfort you when you need a shoulder to lean on. I'll be there for you as a person to talk to. Does it hurt that I never seem to get recognition? Maybe. Come to think about it, I don't mind too much. If nobody wants to call me and hang out (this happens and is happening right now, actually), then I see it as their loss. I've learned to make friends, as well as sharpen my friend making skills; it has helped me to make a ton of friends. My skin has thickened, as I have been in a wide variety of situations, so my mental toughness is super high. Lastly, I'm going to say that like those shot blocking defensemen in hockey, they never get the due credit they deserve (and for the record no, I'm not biased as one of said defensemen), so I feel like them. Then again, I'm proud to have taken the road less traveled by. Life has two sides to it, and I feel that I'm all the better for it, for not being like so many other people are. And please, I beg you guys (scratch that, nobody reads this blog of mine other than me), just talk to us underrated folk, it means a lot to us; I'd do it to you, regardless of who you are. Thank you, and god bless you.

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