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Friday, January 29, 2010

China? Europe? Oh my

So this morning marks the China Band getting their massive picture taken and then they have (or now it's underway) a rehearsal from 9-12. It's great and all, but I somewhat felt that I should be there getting my picture taken with them too; it's just cool to have your ensemble picture taken and hung up in the performing hall in China. Oh well. It's just something cool that in this case is something that's only gonna happen one time in our lives, and I'm missing out on that. I've just been thinking about it all, and it's just cool to think that I could have been part of the second only high school band that was invited to go to China. Well, that and thinking about all the buds in band probably having an amazing time.

However, when I think about it, I'm happy that I wasn't in the picture. Why? Cause I'm going on a trip to Central/Eastern Europe that I know will be amazing. I get to avoid all the hassle with the flu shots, annoying and bubbly band kids (no offense to you guys, but there's a lot of people whom I'd really not want to be in an airport, much less a plane, with), etc. I get to travel a lot lighter (no instrument for one) and I'm with fewer people. Also, I get to meet new people, which is what I EAGERLY await; when you're with people you know, you tend to get pissed off at them, but when you're living with people whom you never really met/knew prior to the trip for 11 days, you tend to want to make the most of it. Tying into this is how I've never really felt a part of the group of "friends". I'm basically an odd man out, somebody on the outside looking in. And I really don't expect that to have changed in China; with this Europe trip, I actually get to be a part of friends that I make, and I would actually look forward to hanging out with them. Plus, I know from experience that you start off as friends and end up really hating their guts by the end of the trip (it's nothing personal, you end up liking them again, but they're REALLY annoying first). For that reason, I've honestly NEVER realyl enjoyed the band trips the last four years, as I felt that I was basically on my own to have fun. You can't say that's the same in the vastly smaller Europe group. Finally, I get to go to Europe, which holds a higher travel wishlist spot to me than China does.

All I'm going to say that having two options between China and Europe, it's not a bad situation to be in. However, in my heart, I knew that I was always going to side with Europe. So to conclude this post, I hope all of you guys going to China have a blast, and I'll be in Europe when you're gone. All of us will have a blast, and thankfully, that's what I always wished for.

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