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Friday, January 29, 2010

It's early, but here's my birthday thoughts

So I know I'm not quite 18 yet, but I wanted to share my thoughts on it anyways. Time has definitely passed, and it's kinda scary to think that I've come a long way from being a wee kid to who I am now. I'm gonna miss those times where everything was innocent; I'm sure that I'm not the only person who feels that way too.

Looking at this year, I feel that as a person, I've come a long way. All I wanted for my birthday was to go to a soup kitchen. Honestly, I really don't want anything for my birthday, and even if I did want something, I have enough money to just go out and buy it myself. Saves people time and the hassle too. But about the soup kitchen, my thinking behind that was that, if I didn't want anything personally, I felt that as a little way of thanking everybody who's helped support me, that I should return that help and support to the lesser fortunate people. Besides, I get a kick out of helping people that no present could ever deliver. In a way, I feel that I'm somewhat turning into Buddha, as I've kinda rejected earthly presents for things that are more important than what I got one year for Christmas or my Birthday.

I've been thinking about my personality, and I've concluded that I like being out of the spotlight. It may hurt at times, but it just meshes with who I am. I'd rather let people know me as a person who helps others and doesn't want anything in return; when you're happy, then I'm happy, and that's fine with me. I just see it as having a certain amount of time on Earth, and I want to be known as somebody who has so far made the most out of it. The event that really sums up who I am in a nutshell was a time in hockey. We were down by a goal, and we had pulled our goalie. The other team took a shot on our net to try and clinch the game. However, I was back on defense and I swatted the shot out of the air, and the puck went to one of my teammates, who promptly scored to send in into overtime. We then carried that momentum into overtime, where we scored relatively quickly to win the game. I didn't get any credit for essentially turning the game around, but I don't mind-that's who I am. A solid person who performs with basically no spotlight but does well. Yup, that's me.

Finally, I would just like to say that I'm always here for anybody. If you need somebody to talk to, I'm here. Vent your problems to. Heck, I'll even lend my shoulder for you to lean on. And just remember, in case you're feeling blue, I love you, love you for who you are.

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