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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love Lost

She says that it's time. Time to move on.
That sadly she doesn't think that she can love me as she first did.
Am I to blame for what happened?
Am I personally to blame for my heart being torn into little pieces?

Yes. It's my fault.
The things that I did and the things that I should have done.
It's not her fault. It's mine.

For the burdens I placed on your shoulder
For the guilt I may have transferred onto you

That's my fault.

You meant the world to me, and you still do.
You loved me. Loved me for who I am.
I loved you. I loved you for who you are and the fact that you loved me.
There's no words to say how amazing you are.
You hold a special place in my heart, and will always.
The time that together we spent, that will always be in my heart.
You brought a certain joy to me that cannot, nor will, leave me.
I will hold that time with me until the day that I die.

I'm just futile as a boyfriend.
I can't hold on to love long enough
Yet I've had enough of it to know what I'm missing.

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