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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Driving down the quiet roads, it was remarkable
Remarkable how beautiful the silence was.
The soft pitter-patter of the rain drizzling down the car
As I sped off to the rink.

Funny, how tranquil it is at 8 A.M on a Sunday
Driving by, one can imagine people peacefully sleeping in their comfy beds.
Somehow, I feel at peace. The rain softly whispers to me. The silence of it all clears my mind.

All by myself, heading off to the rink, to play the game that I love.
But the ride is worth it. The silence, the silence is what is valuable.
It gives you time to think. Think about the beauty of life.

Just me in the car, rain quietly coming down. One of those precious little things life has to offer.

Silence. What a beautiful thing.

I've never felt so at peace

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becca said...

Conan, This is absolutely wonderful. You should submit this :)