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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Curling? Nah. Go watch some hockey ya friggin hoser!

So some thoughts of the early Olympic hockey action. US beat the Swiss 3-1 yesterday, same goes for Canada (8-nil victory over the Norweigans) and the Russians (8-2 over Latvia).

Today I was trying to get access to watch the Finland-Belarus game (5-1 win for the Finns by the way). Lot more hassle than it's worth, let me tell you. I had to download a new thing from Microsoft and then confirm that yeah, I do have Cox as a tv provider. You know somebody thinks you've been watching WAY too much hockey when you can't provide your ID and password for Cox. Cause evidently we haven't been online at Cox's website. But basically, the whole process was fun. Note, by fun I mean like getting flogged with a flaming cattle prod. And tasered. Seriously. So in short, no, I didn't get to watch the Belarus game. And speaking of the Belarussians, their gloves are hot. Got their country's colors on them, which equates to sex. They're that hot.

Ok and finally, I've been stuck watching freaking curling instead of the Sweden-Germany game. What's up with that?!?!?! I mean, I know some people love curling (read:Canada) but come on here NBC! Hockey at least is heard of and people are familiar with it. I mean, I don't even know anything about curling, and I'm a sports guy. If I'm somebody who's pretty darn familiar with sports and I don't know diddly squat about curling, how's the rest of the world gonna understand what the heck is happening? Oh well, hopefully now I get to watch the game.

And yes, I'm bummed that so far the only Olympic hockey that I've gotten to watch was about 24 minutes of the US-Switzerland game and parts of the second period of the Canada-Norway game, due to sectionals and other things. Hey, I love me some hockey.

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