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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Joy of Working at a Soup Kitchen

Today was basically a belated birthday present (21 days exactly) as I worked at a soup kitchen for two glorious hours. Seriously. While my fellow band comrades were busy in rehearsal (sucks for you guys, I got to sleep in! Ha ha suckers!) I was working in the kitchen at the So Others May Eat place, spreading the cheer. There is no substitute for the joy that is derived from helping others, especially less fortunate people. It really touches you, as you know that they have next to nothing, if nothing. And also, just looking at them, you can tell that their clothes are from donations. Some of them may even have been given to them from S.O.M.E. via donations. It just breaks your heart knowing that these people are pretty much screwed in life; who knows what they have to live like on the streets and what health problems they may have. It's just a treat knowing that I've helped to deliver a warm meal to them, which may be the only meal like that they may have had for the whole day.

I worked in the kitchen, washing dishes. Not too glamorous I know, but hey, it helps. I also helped transfer donations from a lady's car to a room and I also did miscellaneous chores. To me, the best part was the people there; everybody was nice and that made the whole thing all the more enjoyable.

In conclusion, it was a TON of fun. Geez, those two hours went by in a blink of the eye, but hey, time flies when you're having fun. I really want to go there again, cause I helped others and I had fun. What more can you ask for? Nothing else, I say.

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