Hi, and welcome to my blog-turned-place where I post my writing. This is my outlet to put them up, which was radically different from the blog that this started out as. I hope you'll have a good time reading my blog/place where I post some poetry and some short stories. I try to cover a variety of topics in these works of mine, so I hope any readers will enjoy it. I'm not an English major by any stretch, but I enjoy writing. Critique would be nice for my writing, cause lord knows I could work on it. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Two Months

Aside from the joy of Christmas, three days ago it was my two months with my lovely girlfriend. Eve, I love you with an amazing passion. I don't know what I would be without you. I got lucky to meet you and thank god I did.


Eve said...

I love you =P

conesy said...

I love you more. God I'm lucky.