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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marching Band

Yeah I know, when you hear marching band people think "band geeks". Well in six days I'll be going to marching band camp for two weeks. It's actually pretty hard, we're out there for four hours in the sun then we go inside to work on our music. Well since this is my upcoming junior year I'm kinda already accustomed to the hardships, so I'll probably be hearing a ton of whining from the freshmen. It's definately a character building lesson, because we repeatedly have to do maybe on or two parts over and over until we get it down pat. Anyways, I'm actually somewhat looking forward to camp since I'll be a vet and I can help the younger people (or just boss them around) and that I'll be seeing some of my friends that I didn't see over the summer. So just remember this, while most of you are inside watching the Olympics 200 of us will be outside in the sun working on a 15 minute show for your entertainment at our high school football games. Call us band geeks then.

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