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Monday, December 31, 2012

Can you hear the music?

The music, oh that glorious music, was playing.
It wasn’t playing to entertain, but rather,
                to touch the soul.

You see, some may listen to music and say “that’s great”.
On the other hand, I look at it and say “it gives me life”.
Music has a way of bringing out the best in our emotions.
It makes us think, makes us laugh, makes us reflect.
But most importantly, it touches us.
Touches the very base of our soul, the fiber in which we are molded out of.
It transcends art, and like a phoenix, arises.
Arises to become something more.
From the sweeping notes to the comforting melodies,
to the ascending arpeggios to the exquisite arias,
music sweeps you off your feet.

Like that beautiful couple passionately in love, dancing the night away, this is what music becomes.
It isn’t merely content on simply just playing.

It caresses you, with all the love it can possibly deliver.
It wraps its loving arms around you with tender, ardent warmth.

It touches you. Touches the soul.
                                It’s part of our existence.

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