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Saturday, October 2, 2010

It was great knowing you, Allen and Craig Show

So for Friday, there was the series finale of the cult YouTube channel performers, Evil Iguana Productions' series, the Allen and Craig Show. I remember watching them two and a half years ago, and absolutely loving their material. I mean, this stuff was filmed by semi-amateur actors and film makers, though one would argue they are highly qualified to do some films. While part of me kinda died knowing that their run is over, I still have thoroughly enjoyed the last two and a half years of their show, as well as their other material.

So I guess why partially I feel emotionally attached to them is that I know that their original cast/crew of Evil Iguana Productions has moved on, and that they never will have as much of an appeal as they did when I first watched them. I mean, I "broke in" with them, if you can say that, with Allen, Craig, Kyle, Joe, Lars, and Dan; now, that original bunch of Illinois teens, now college graduates, has been broken up, maybe never to really come back. It just makes me think of what could have been and how things might have turned out had some people not have left/been added/have decided to pursue other careers/etc. It ties in with my biggest emotional and deep thought of the past and the future coinciding. For that reason, I guess that's why I will sorely miss their material.

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