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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tonight celebrating Molly's Birthday

Yesterday was Molly's 19th birthday (dang, I feel young now), and it was a great time! First of all, she came into my room, saying that Deniz, her roommate, was sleeping, and that she wanted to enjoy it. When she came in, it was 3 minutes until she was born (1:10 PM, October 1, 1991, to be precise), so she was counting down; after 1:10, she let me officially say happy birthday. We talked a bit, 30 minutes or so, and then we walked to Combs, where I had my German class.

Now, late last night (technically, it's Saturday morning. Oh well.), around 9:30, I went to Jessica and Katie's room in Eagle Landing (it's SUPER posh, and thus amazing!) for her surprise party. On a side note, and I'm going to come clean, she pretty much came from behind me while I was walking on Campus Drive to get to said party, and she found out what was happening. So yes, she did feign surprise at the "surprise" party for her; and I must say, her acting was pretty top noch. Anyways, many sugary foods (this amazing, and amazingly sugary, cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream, with the Mountain Dew I had brought) were to be had, with some great times. At the end, Molly, Jessica, and Katie wanted to take some pictures, so I was enlisted as the photographer. Let's just say that they're very indecisive about the quality of what I personally thought were very solid pictures. This really was summed up by taking about 6 or so "final pictures", for various reasons. Great night though, and I'm really blessed to have such an amazing and lovely girlfriend such as Molly-god I love her!

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