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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Conan does poetry again: "The Traveler"

He looked at the road ahead of him,
the long and winding road.
Oh the road that would take him to places he had dreamed about.
This was it. This was the time.

He had dreamt of these places,these magnificent places
in maps and pictures. He imagined the people he’d meet
in foreign lands.
He imagined the places he’d see, the experiences he’d leave with.
The souvenirs he’d bring back; his home was filled with them, oh yes!
The tales that would be told and shared, oh yes, the tales
Of the places he’d gone to and the things he did
All would be stored in his memory for as long as he lived.

But first, he had to depart on the road. The road towards all of this.
It would be a long road, that was for sure.
He knew that when he came back, he would return changed.
Change for the better.
      Because, he saw the world.

         Saw the beauty of it:
                       a vast, colorful world.

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