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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Book Review #2

Okay so I just finished reading a great book today, entitled One More Day Everywhere: Crossing 50 Borders on the Road to Global Understanding, by Glen Heggsted. It's about his journey obviously through 50 borders throughout the world, on a motorcycle. The reasoning behind that was, he was captured by Colombian terrorists when attempting to motorcycle through South America, so he took this trip to essentially stick it to the man.

It was riveting, his book, as you really were there for him on his journey; the way he narrated it, it was if you were biking with him. It was cool how he described every country that he was with, as it really showed the rest of the world in a different perspective, more than we normally associate with. Also, the fact that he was doing this by himself and really not much outside support, it added a sense of danger to his trip. I mean, I was rooting for his two year-long journey to go off without a hitch, so I was especially riveted to his journey. It probably also helps that I'm a sucker for these kind of stories, but it definitely would appeal to any other interests. I highly recommend this, but you need to budget some time to read this, as it's very riveting. 5/5 stars is the verdict.

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