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Sunday, June 3, 2012

A far-flung Island

A young child will look at a map and ask,
                “Daddy, where is this place?”
                and will point to the location
                and get a response; “why, that’s the United Kingdom”
But he doesn’t look at the other places, the dots,
                the dots and the mere specks that nobody cares about.

The dots that represent those small islands
with their small populations, claimed by the giants.
Their beautiful waters. Their rugged landscapes.
                That nobody knows or cares about, outside of these islands.

They may be in the Atlantic. In the Indian Ocean. The South Pacific.
Isolated, and alone. A dot. A speck. A tiny dot.
Represented, without a good representation; they would revolt
                                if anyone outside knew who they were. Before laughing it off.
Did anyone ask how they felt about their places on the map(s), the world?
                                                No. Too much effort for little specks in the grand scheme of things.
So for now, these lonely islands will keep to themselves.
                            On the vast ocean.
                                                Alone. Adrift.

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Erin said...

Interesting way to put it! Islands are obviously the original hipsters...