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Friday, June 1, 2012


Cold. Bleak. Dark. Isolated. Alone.

These are the images that I conjure up, when I hear those words.
Or actually, a single world. A single, lonely word.

I think, who would want to live there, so far from the rest?
It’s just a barren land-do you really want to live and die there?
The rest of the populace lives all together, so close.
                But you don’t. Away from them.

You live in an unfriendly place. No warmth.
For what? To prove that you’re taming that,
that vast and wild beast?

Well technically, there are people there.
People in cities. Splattered around like a toddler’s paintings.
No set pattern, basic, and vast.

But that’s why I’m so fascinated with you,
                                You’re the rare thing, a place that isn’t mentioned yet you manage
Manage. That’s the word.
                Manage to be ugly yet beautiful.
                                                                                Which is why I want to be there.

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