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Monday, June 18, 2012

A Tale of Two Legacies

They were once grand and mighty things, these monuments.
Vast, sprawling tributes to greatness
To mighty empires of the past
To rulers ruling over grand lands, with mighty armies to command.
Powerful tributes that demanded the utmost respect to the men who commissioned them.
All of these lands were of unfathomable power and bathed in history.

But now,
                                Now they’re gone.

Lost. Lost beneath the sands of time.
For all of their past greatness, they no longer exist; they only exist in the annals of history.
Mighty empires and kingdoms sprawling from one continent to another, gone.
Consigned to memories, memories that will inevitably die out with the people who lived there.

Now? Those great cities are long gone,
The last of their citizens are buried beneath the ground, dead for ages.
The citizens of these populous cities inhabit the kingdom underground. Ruled by age.
Their once proud, grand, and prestigious monuments to their very existence have crumbled,
                Crumbled under the burden of ages never to be seen again.
Powerful symbols at the time, these monuments are mere relics.

Never forget them. They were once things of legend.
                But not today, not anymore.

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Erin said...

This is something you can submit to the History Channel. Very reflective and pensive. I like it!