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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Masterpiece Drunk College Freshmen Improv Theater

Round two of the entertainment tonight/early morning came at the expense of the drunks, aka Matt and Shannon. Matt came into our room when Molly was in there, and he thought that it was his room he was in. Keegan literally had to come in and haul Matt out, which just goes to show how schloshed he was.

Now, there was Shannon. From the very beginning, we all knew she was drunk; in fact, you could kind of smell the alcohol on her. She was wandering in the room across from ours, and was apparently really hungry. When she came into our room, she wanted goldfish, and her eyes lit up like you wouldn't believe when I told her that yes, we did have other types of goldfish other than the pretzel ones. And in the room, Keegan was signalling us that she was a bit tispy. In fact, I asked her to walk in a straight line when we were in the hallway. And to her credit, she walked in a fairly straight line. But after this, she left our dorm due to the curfew time. Great night, and god bless the shenanigans of the drunks. Final observation of the night? Damn I wish I had a camera for all of this.

And because I just said it and I felt so witty about myself for saying it, I'm gonna requote what I just said about them. "It's like the 1812 Overture, the cannons are about to go off".

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