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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hockey in the Rain

So other than the obvious stupidity of playing in the rain, tonight was a blast! My econ teacher wasn't feeling good tonight, so we got out early, and thus I decided to play some puck.

The teams were evenly balanced as we started to play, and then, the rain came down. At first, it was drizzling. Then, as we progressed through, it got a ton more heavier. Honestly, I don't think anybody minded, but the court turned into a swamp by the end of the night. I got a goal in this game, as I took a pass from Corey on the fly and then sniped Steven top shelf (where momma hides the cookies). It happened so fast that he really couldn't stop me, either! And being the hockey player that I am, a gongshow celebration ensued. My team lost the first game in a heartbreaker, 10-9; we played up to 10 in the first game. Man, it was a marathon, and we had come back from being down 5-2 to tie it at 9-9, when we got scored on. Two guys left, so we were playing a solid 3 on 3 with 2 subs, and man, it was intense! It was notable for me scoring a goal...off of my ass! Like, I was screening Steven when Kyle took a shot and I jumped up to both avoid said shot and to screen Steven. Well, needless to say it barely went in off of my butt, but a goal's a goal. I'm now the league leader in goals scored off of my butt, haha. That kicked off the scoring right there. Both teams battled to a 2-2 game, and then since Calvin had to leave, the next goal would win. Each teams had some close chances, in addition to harrowing moments. I personally blocked/saved/knocked away 3 shots that might have gone in, so huzzah for me (I'm so humble, aren't I?). And to put the nail in the coffin, we scored when I was sitting out. Twas a great night, and I can't wait for Friday!

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