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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caps' Prospect Camp Scrimmage/Equipment Sale thoughts

Today was the last day of the Washington Capitals' prospect camp, and what better way to end it than by having a scrimmage. It was pretty fun to watch and the teams looked sharp, though the red team had just a few more better players than the white team. On that note, the red team ended up winning by a final score of 5-2, but they outplayed the white team. There were three fights, but sadly I missed the third fight as I left with a couple of minutes to go just to beat the epic traffic. However, I did manage to take a video of the second fight, so that will be up soon. Speaking of traffic, the Kettler parking lot was PACKED; you had to go down a few levels just to find a space. And it goes without saying that the inside of Kettler was packed to capacity, if not over capacity. This was nice but it did have its downfalls, namely trying to get a seat, let alone a good one, hard, and the equipment sale line (more on that later). But hey, I actually got to unleash my rabid hockey knowledge with the knowledgeable and cool people around me. I felt vindicated about that, that's for sure. Okay so moving on to the equipment sale, aka the massive letdown. See, there were two equipment sales today, one at 8 for the season ticket holders and another at noon for the regular fans. However, when I got there (and 10 minutes early too), there literally wasn't any equipment left, only nameplates. Really, thanks a bunch for the dicks who took everything. And geez, I didn't realize 40 year old overweight people needed a bunch of sticks, especially when they clearly didn't play or would be playing at all; the guys who actually play the game would like to be able to play in this gear, unlike the people who buy it and a) let the gear collect dust in your closets and b) who probably sell the gear for way higher prices on Ebay. Okay, rant over, the sale was a letdown and some people there are assholes. But yeah, it was a decent way to get back in the swing of things after being at the beach for the last couple of days.

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