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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Music awesomeness

Been listening to some jazz today, aka Bob McChesney and his sweet, smoothy sound. The man's tone feels like you're in heaven, I swear! And you know what? I've played with him during our UMW Jazz Festival! But yeah, I highly recommend listening to some of his stuff-it really makes a lazy Sunday feel even more relaxing.

Also, another awesome song that I just discovered is the HBO series' adaption of the Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Game of Thrones's Main Title. As far as a main title goes, it is epic. Like, I'd listen to it just to get pumped up for sports, music, and life in general. Holy crap is it awesome! (Disclaimer: while I haven't seen the series yet, I've read the books up to the latest one. I will be checking out the show ASAP.) On that segue, I'll be sure to listen to more of the soundtrack, which is up on iTunes by the way.

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