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Friday, July 15, 2011

Short Story Teaser Time

I won't lie, this post has been inspired by the book I'm currently reading, Saga of Icelanders (chronicling the stories of the early Vikings and Icelanders). If you also have/will read it, you'll see that I did end up taking a decent amount of the Icelandic literature and ended up using it myself. That inspiration was then turned into a little segment for what I hope might turn into something greater later on. Note that I wrote this at night, so it may not be completely perfect and I do realize it could use some work; be patient, cause this is just a preliminary teaser thing of sorts. But yeah, here this it is.

She stood alone, at the top of the hill, the wind blowing both her cloak and hair to the side. One could see her sheath hanging to the side of the wind. Looking down from the hill she was able to see the towns and villages scattered along the plains; some of them were bigger than others, though that might have been because of where she stood on the hill. It was serene, she had to admit, though her purpose for coming to the planes was less than peaceful. Though the calm offered here was a welcome relaxation from the task at hand; indeed, she was at peace up here.

"Johanna?" a voice called, almost out of nowhere, "It's time to head on over to town."

Curse that Alexei for suddenly ruining her moment of peace. Sighing, she walked down from the top of the hilltop down to the bottom of the hill, where her two companions were patiently waiting for her.

"Sorry to have disturbed you up there, but Jessica saw some men heading towards the village. I figured that after that, we need to get there as quickly as possible," said Alexei.
She was both troubled and pleased to hear this piece of news-it meant that there might be trouble lurking ahead, but at least there would be action awaiting the three of them.

"Yeah let's hurry up then!" she said. Turning to Jessica, she asked,"How many men did you see go by?"

"Maybe five or six of them. But they liked like they were in somewhat of a hurry to get to town," came the response. This spurred the trio to hurriedly mount their horses and to head towards the little town situated on the windswept plains.

  In the lead, Johanna's smooth black hair was flying all around. It would have been an understatement to have said that she was in a hurry to reach the small town ahead. Though they were all in a hurry, one could tell that she was a beautiful girl. May not exceptionally beautiful, but one would would describe her as being subtly beautiful-in her haste to reach her destination, her green eyes highlighted her silent determination to reach their intended target. On both of her sides rode her erstwhile companions Alexei and Jessica, who would have gone to hell and back for her; she also would have reciprocated the favor with both of them. After all, they had been traveling with her for a year's service, scouring the land to defeat the malicious forces plaguing the land. Today was one of those days where they were finally about to destroy a marauding group of bandits who had been harassing the Kranjic Plains-at last their last few days of tracking then down would finally produce results!

"Hey Johanna-where are these guys holed up again?" inquired Alexei
"My man told us that they should be based out of the inn. They should be there, but in case they're not there, we do a sweep and destroy mission in the town," she responded.

With that, the three companions set off to wipe out the bandit gang.

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