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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am

Hi, I am Conan.
I am a student in college.
More importantly, I am me.

Not you nor him, but I am me. I am myself.

I am a son, grandson, and an uncle. I am a person who loves and is loved. I love back and am stronger for doing so.

I am an individual. I do what I think I want to do, not what somebody else tells me to do. I do not want to be one of the crowd. I want to be known for what I have done.

I am a college student learning the knowledge that will define me in the years to come. I am a seeker of knowledge.

I am caring. I will be there for you. I am the person who will lend a shoulder to cry on. I am a person who will be there to hear you talk or vent the world to. I will be there in your darkest hour as well as your hour of triumph.

I am a friend. I will be there with you, no matter what. I will be there rain or shine, and you can count on that.

I am an athlete. I am a tennis player who will give you his best effort all the time. I am a hockey player who can play all of the positions. I also am a hockey player who will give you 110 percent 100 percent of the time. I am a player who may not be the most talented out there but who will make up for that by giving you his heart and soul. I am an athlete who will fight hard until the very end, and fight with honor and glory. I am an athlete who is magnanimous in both victory and defeat. I am athlete who is ready to compete, no matter what the odds might say. I am an athlete who will be proud at the end of the day who can look back and be proud of his results.

I am a musician first and foremost, not just a bass trombonist. I am a 19 year old who is captivated by being involved with music. I am a person who loves to make people happy by playing note after note for hours and hours on end. I am a musician who will practice for countless hours to learn how the craft the art that literally lies in my hands. I am a person who can and will listen to music for eternity. I am one with the music.

I am unique. I am not mass produced-I will create my path down life's highway. I have the passion to know what I enjoy. I take pleasure in the little things in life. I am a young adult who takes the road not taken, and I am all the better for doing so.

I am strong. I am a competitor; I will never give up on what life may throw at me. I know that whatever the future deems that I must go through, I will not complain. I know that life is ever changing, thus I do not worry when something does not go my way.

I am an opportunist, in the sense that if you hand me the ball, I'll run with it. You just need to give me a chance for me, and I promise that I will make the most of it. I am a person who sees chances everywhere.I know that out of every situation, no matter how dire it seems, I can learn.

I am a person who smiles. I am a person who sees the beauty and joy in life. There are so many amazing things surrounding me that it really is hard not to smile at being blessed with such fortune. I am a 19 year old who will always smile and that fact cannot be taken from me.

I am a person who may not be exceptionally popular. That's okay, I don't need that to define me. I don't feel the need to have to strive for something artificial. I know that no matter what, I'm going to better off just by maintaining what I always do.

I am me, and I always will be me.

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