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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Move in day and some more

Well today I moved in to the fabulous Eagle Landing, which is nothing short of awesome! However, as you may be aware, there's a hurricane brewing on the coast. And we got hit with that. Oh yes, we got the best of it-our power went out for the better part of 7 hours. Now, I wouldn't mind this, except for the fact that it got to the point where going out to Giant was the highlight of the no power part. However, thanks to the fact that I signed up for Facebook Mobile, I got a notification that my friend Nina was hanging out with friends around where my roomie Harry and I were walking to. This ended up with us all going on an "adventure", aka going "ghosthunting" with "real" equipment. This in turn ended up with us hanging out by the water fountain. Which also ended up us all hanging out and talking for another hour or two. Who knew, this also led to a great night out of literally nothing much.

Also, my roommate/suitemate(s) are pretty cool. Harry, my roommate, really is laid back and really nice. Mark (and Alex, who apparently isn't moving in until Saturday) is cool too and is on the tennis team, same with Alex. Guess I'll be getting some matches in with them!

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