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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm really pumped up, actually

So I'll just say something right now-I'm pumped up. Like, it's the kind where you feel like running miles and miles with that energy, or the kind where you want to play hockey and nail the crap out of everybody in sight. Why am I this pumped up, you might ask? Well I'll tell you: I've been listening to "Here You Me" by Jimmy Eat World and two songs from the Lake Braddock band's concerts in China.

Listening to Here You Me, I've been thinking of my recently deceased grandfather who I dearly loved. I'm ashamed to say that so far, I have not lived up to my promise of "making him proud" of my play in hockey, which I aim to correct that. On Friday, I'm going to play pickup hockey, and I aim to FINALLY make him proud. Yes, it's pickup hockey, but I SWEAR that I will out hustle everybody there and never, EVER give up on each shift I'm out there, and give 150% effort out on the ice; my goal is to make him have the biggest smile in the world after he sees me play.

"I thought I might get one more chance.
What would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance."

Surprisingly, listening to the band has motivated me. I know that they went off and got an opportunity of a lifetime to play in China (while I went on an arguably better trip to Europe, but who's counting?) and it made me realize that I want to carve a niche out for myself. They honestly put together a spectacular (understatement) bunch of performances, based on what I've been listening to! If I can't go to something that was amazing, hell, I want to create a reputation for myself. When you couple this with wanting to play my heart out for my deceased grandpa in Heaven, I'm gonna give 210% on the ice, and anything less will be a disappointment! They have basically inspired me to leave it all on the ice on Friday night, and any and all other games that I will have, as I want to be known as the guy who gives his heart and soul for something that he loves. Thank you all of the members of the Lake Braddock China Band for inspiring me, whether you all realized it or not!!!

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