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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weird dream last night, part 1

This is the first part of one of two dreams I had last night, both of which were really, really weird. Okay, so for the first one, I was an operative, dropped off at a foreign airport, which oddly enough resembled something in Germany, maybe Frankfurt. My mission was to rendezvous with my contact, which somehow involved having to walk all the way out of the airport in question and out onto the unspecified country's highway, which somehow got transformed in my dream here to the German autobahn...with houses on the side of the road like the Fairfax County Parkway. What...the...heck? Oh well, it was interesting, let's just put it at that. So basically, I made my way out of the airport, and the "entrance" strongly resembled the Home Depot parking lot in Springfield. Despite that never being humanly possible, I made my way out. Details are a little blurry here, but some part along the way, I met up with my brother, who was also a secret agent. We then proceeded to make our way to our contact, where he was waiting for us. Seth Drum, a kid who I never talked to when he was in my Algebra 2 honors class in sophomore year. In his minivan, of all things. Facing the opposite direction. On the German Autobahn, of all places. . But before I could question my sanity, I woke up. Then went back to bed cause it was 1:15 A.M.Cue the next part of my dream.

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