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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weird dream last night, part 2

This is the second part of my weird dream that I had last night, which more or less was a continuation of the previous posting here on my blog. So basically, the scene is this movie theater in an undisclosed location. The doors close so that the movie can start. The lights dim, and everything is going like a normal routine...until an evil voice booms out through the theater saying, "Do not move, I have just taken a hostage and if you don't meet my demands, she will be executed. You have [undisclosed amount of time due to my faulty memory of this dream] to give me [can't remember the thing this evil dude wanted]. Anybody who wants to be the hero will bring their musical instrument to the helicopter pad and challenge me to a duel (yeah, I dunno why I happened to dream about this, but don't tase me man)." So after he made that ominous announcement, the predictable bit where all hell broke loose happened and so, all hell broke loose there. People were screaming whilst making a beeline to the exits. And of all people, Mr. Luley was running around with a megaphone shouting "it's okay people, just stay calm". Being the specially trained, special forces guy I was, I had to run in a semi circle to the top of the theater, as I was at the bottom when the announcement was made, and rushed up to grab my bass trombone case. The rest of it is sketchy, but all I remember was that I beat this evil bald guy's ass in a bass trombone-off to save the life of this hostage and the rest of the people in the theater. Then I woke up for school. As a hero. In my dreams. Good stuff there.

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