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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rock bottom? I think so

Well, we've hit rock bottom ladies and gents. Team USA lost to the Fins, thus sending us to the dreaded relegation round at the 2010 World Hockey Championships, for the first time in our hockey history! I think I ask the obvious question here: what the f**k happened? We're the reigning silver medalists in the Olympics and yet we're potentially two or three games from not even being at the top level of international hockey, for crying out loud!

Then again, when you look at it, all is not lost. We lost in overtime to Germany, in front of over 78,000 fans I may add; the Germans do have talent, so that's not exactly the worse loss to take. On the other side of that, we lost to a team that should have been relegated had they not been the hosts of this year's tournament. Okay, so that makes me feel better that we lost to one of the two worst teams from last year...or not. We also lost to Denmark, who wasn't even at the top level of hockey last year; they were in Division 1 and had to qualify to get up back here. Still, we lost in overtime to them by the same score as the first game, 2-1. Now, we JUST lost to Finland, a team that we totally ran over and shat on in the Olympics. Result? We lost, 3-2. Then again, that's to be expected when you give up 43 shots, as opposed to taking far less shots on net. Uh, I blame this on no Miikka Kiprusoff, cause the dude gave us that win in the quarterfinals of the Olympics. Kudos to Scott Clemmensen for keeping us in the game, cause it could have been a lot worse, and by that, a lot worse than getting sent to the relegation round and finishing last in Group D; we could have gotten shelled AND sent to the relegation round. As Toronto fans like to say, next year's the year (but hopefully not in Division 1; I think I'd kill someone if we somehow got relegated).

And really, are you comfy with the backup goalie who barely played all year with the Florida Panthers, aka a non playoff team, being your number one goalie? Hell, the backups are an AHL goalie and a Finnish Elite League goalie, which I'm sure is gonna strike fear into the hearts of the other teams. And you're telling me that Ryan Miller, the hero of the Olympics, wasn't available? I mean, most of our players are guys on really bad NHL teams, ex. the Islanders, the Flames, and even the Leafs. Plus they happen to be young. Like, barely in the NHL young. Oh well, if it's any consolation, we could beat the crap out of the likes of France and Italy.

Then again, all is not lost. For my friends the Swiss shocked Canada (I'm honestly getting acclimated to the fact that they now play freakishly close games, see the last two Olympics as proof) 4-1. We may have gotten the silver medal cause of Sidney bleeping Crosby and are now going to the relegation round, but hey, screw you Canada, we at lost with relative dignity, you just got pounded!

At least we're probably, hopefully going to kill whoever we play in the relegation round. Otherwise I'll be doing the killing (read: breaking things) if we don't do so. All for the World Championships. Hey, I'm that dedicated. Let's go Team USA!!!

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