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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Signs that you're being bullied by someone you're obviously better than

Due to my recent experience dealing with other people being cyber bullied, I felt that I needed to address the topic. So without further ado, here's the list that goes with the title.

- You pity them if they are that shallow to have to try and resort to bullying you just to make themselves feel better.

- You actually feel BETTER about yourself after they attempt to bring you down

- TIP: Just suck it up, as it not only takes away from their "fun" but it shows that you're far more courageous to deal with it all. It may suck by doing so, but it shows who's the boss.

- You're a normal person who's in good shape who has no qualms with anybody...yet the person/people in question isn't/aren't athletic, to put it kindly.

- You didn't do anything to provoke this, other than being an amazing person that they're jealous of.

- The irony that if you made fun of them, they'd cry foul and bitch about it, whereas you're the alleged "pussy" if you complain.

- They are so pathetic that they have to get your friend to deliver a message of "fuck you". Because we all know that's just manly when you do that. Let alone not having enough courage to say it to your face.

- They can't even say it to your face, let alone have the balls to do it to you in private; they have to summon the courage of having friends around to do so.

- When you don't even know if they have balls in the first place.

- They resort to saying crap about your family members.

- They're pretty much provoking you to fight them, but you won't, cause really, that's what we call "assisted suicide".

- Why's it assisted suicide? Cause people bully wimp out when push comes to shove. Or try to cheap shot you.

- Said people in question run away at THE slightest hint of retribution.

- Regarding the last statement, one wants to ask them, "Does it get claustrophobic in that little mind of yours?"...before realizing that in order for it to get claustrophobic, you first need to have a mind.

-The fact that no matter what, you're still a better person than anybody who tries to bully you.


Resolutions by DISECT said...

dude, you're no better than them. your saying so much shit on this thing, and it really doesn't need to be said. In a month, you never have to see them again, so why don't you either have a stiff upper lip or tell them to back off. Just don't bitch about it to the internet.

conesy said...

Cause I never get a chance to tell them to back off. Look, my friend Mary has taken sooooo much shit from anonymous people, that I wanted to help. And really, I dunno how much you've taken from others, but I'm just sick of people bullying others; why can't we get along?