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Saturday, May 15, 2010

You know you've had an underwhelming World Championships when...

While I'm thrilled that Team USA beat Kazakhstan 10-0, it sadly came in the first game of the Relegation Round. At least we're not relegated, nor does it seem like we'll be relegated. Anyways, that just goes with what I have to say, and how you recognize when you've had a very bad World Championships. So without further ado, in the style to the blog Down Goes Brown, here's the ways you can recognize how bad your team is doing.

- You lose to a team that would have been relegated last year, had they not have been the hosts of the tournament this year (Germany).

- You lose to a team that just got promoted from Division 1 just last year (Denmark).

- Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland are doing better than you

- Your starting goalie for this tournament was the backup to a goalie on a nonplayoff team, aka the Florida Panthers. And said backup goalie has lost more when he has played. And your backups are a minor league goalie to the St. Louis Blues and an ECHL castoff who's now playing in Finland. Yeah, that's really gonna strike fear into the hearts of your opponents, knowing who you're facing in goal.

- You face relegation for the first time ever in the history of your hockey's program.

- As a fan, you've thrown in the towel and starting rooting for another country. And one of the other countries you have to face in the relegation round at that, too.

- You have guys from the Oilers playing for you, they of the second worst overall record in the NHL.

- For that matter, your roster is pretty bare of any big name players. So bare that even I, a hockey nut, had to pause for a moment.

- We have a player who just finished his freshman year at Boston College. Yeah, he's a second round draft pick, but you cannot be serious if there weren't any other NHLers who were available to choose from.

- Your coach is the head coach of the Islanders, which isn't that impressive considering how much the Islanders suck.

- Finland beats us despite the fact that we shelled them in the Olympics. Okay, so Miika Kiprusoff wasn't there, so that might be why we lost.

- Your first win so far is a 10-0 victory over Kazakhstan, a country who hasn't been at the elite level since six years ago.

- The fact that you have to play Kazakhstan, Italy, and France to determine who gets relegated.

- You go from being the reigning Olympic silver medalists to almost losing your spot at the top level of international hockey.

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