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Friday, May 28, 2010

Unexpected Good News

So I just found out that Alex, one of my exes, broke up with her boyfriend of eight months. She said that she's upset about it, to put it bluntly; from what it sounded like was that he didn't really pay much attention to her at the end. Now, where's this going, you might ask. Well, I quote Alex, "but now I can guarantee something I've owed you for a while"...which is a kiss! I'm not gonna lie, it was probably the last thing I was expecting to hear tonight, but shoot, I'm not complaining at all! Oh and she did go on to say, "I've always wanted to kiss you". Score one for me!!!

(The irony of all this is how I'm currently listening to the overture to Much Ado About Nothing. Go figure, a play/movie about love. Irony, much?)

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