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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baseball Fun

Admittedly, I've been wiped out for the last hour or two, so I didn't post this sooner. Why am I wiped out? Cause I was playing baseball with some friends and some colleagues from my dad's office, that's why. You know it was fun when you're dead tired, which, when I think about it, is the case for a lot of things. Anyways, we played at Washington-Lee's field in Arlington, and boy it was a blast. The entire infield is a sandlot, so it felt like something out of the movie The Sandlot. For the first half, all 11 of us rotated between hitting and fielding, which surprisingly was a lot more fun that you'd expect; I also got the rust out of fielding and hitting, so that was a blast. After a while, we played a slightly abridged version of the real rules to baseball, and it was young guys versus the "old" guys. It was Jim, Dave, Evan, Tony, and I against the rest, with one pitcher pitching the whole time. Since both sides didn't have enough players to cover all the positions, anything hit to the right of 2nd base was an automatic out. The pitcher also was the 1st baseman, so if you weren't quite there to first base and the pitcher had the ball, you were out. Moving on, we had a pretty intense game, which ended up being tied 4-4 after how many innings. Both sides were hitting the ball pretty well, just that we had a series of misfortune, aka "the fielder caught the ball". I had one time where the bases were loaded...and I fly out to end the inning. It happened another time, just that I was on base; karma sucks big time. However, I redeemed myself by driving in the game tying run, so that was cool. Towards the end, my knees were sore from running the bases (didn't get much of a chance to do that, cause we never got to do much) and from being the catcher. Whew, I'm still sore from that. Anyways, it was a blast. A bit tiring and I'm slightly sore in my calves from bending as the catcher, but it was a blast! Hopefully in the future we can get a real game going, cause it's so much fun playing!

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Rachel said...

Yeah, Baseball is fun. My brother played for a while and I was forced to go to ALL of his games.