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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stuff from the MLRH Laurel Tournament

So here's some of my notable stuff from both yesterday and today:

Winner: Itan Chavira scoring off the opening faceoff by beating his man to the puck, barreling to the net, and scoring, on his backhand and with one hand, top shelf. It was the sexiest goal by far of the two days, and he made it look freakishly easy.

- The Tricerat team passing like crazy. It was insane how well they passed and knew each other's tendencies, though they have been playing with each other; it's that obvious. Plus, I played against some of them!
- One team getting slammed 16-1
- Getting to play with Itan Chavira himself; man is he amazing
- My right shin guard breaking down the middle, and having to get new ones. Those are the Vapor 60 pads, costing $90, though I'm gonna be super protected.
- Breaking in my brand new skates (which I love)...and consequently having sore feet up right now
- Getting paid $90 for basically just pushing the buttons and writing down the ridiculous scores, after a combined nine hours of work over the two days of the tournament
- Seeing one team who I've hated to play against, as they were douches, get shelled. Karma is a wonderful thing.
- A "fight" breaking out. Aka, one guy turtling and one guy throwing all the punches.
- Just having a blast and enjoying playing with pro guys from the Pama Cyclones in L.A.

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