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Thursday, July 1, 2010

NHL Free Agency begins. Cue the madness of it all.

Today marks the start of the NHL's madness free agency period. Nothing too big happened in terms of signings, but I'm gonna share my thoughts really quickly about who signed where.

-Volchenkov, Tallinder, and Hedberg to the Devils. I like these signings, as Volchenkov can help block shots (huge understatement there; he's one of the premier shot blockers in the NHL), Tallinder is a solid defenseman, and you can't go wrong with Johan "the Moose" Hedberg (love that nickname), cause he's pretty solid and can be a solid goalie. Great signings so far.
- The Blackhawk's fire sale is continuing, with Andrew Ladd going to the Thrashers, and keeping up the Chicago-Atlanta connection of late, for defenseman Ivan Vishnevskiy. Seriously, it seems like half the team has been traded; Sopel, Byfuglien, Eager, Versteeg, and now Ladd are all gone. Then again, they're stockpiling prospects like crazy. And I mean crazy as in, it's criminal how many prospects they now have in the system. Oh and Burish signed with Dallas. I swear, half their Stanley Cup-winning team is gone.
- An ex-Devil, Paul Martin, has signed with the Penguins. While I hate to see him go to Pittsburgh, at least he gets more recognition.
- Dan Hamhuis to the Canucks? Well, at least Luongo won't get shelled cause of a solid defense, conceptually of course. Same goes for Michalek, cause I actually liked him; it's gonna test that with him also going to Pittsburgh.
- I'm digging Phoenix's move, resigning Morris and signing Ray Whitney
- WTF Glen Sather. You sign Boogaard for 4 years? You sign a player who fights and that's it. You've lost it, completely freaking lost it.


Rachel said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, but it sounds awesome :)

conesy said...

I'm talking about hockey =)

Rachel said...

That's about the only part I understood :)

conesy said...

Haha yeah, I didn't expect you to understand anything else