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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Realization Stinks

So I've been home for two days now, and I'm not quite yet re-readjusting to the fact that I'm not in a dorm room in Greensboro, on the campus of UNC-Greensboro. I mean, yes, I was there for 5 and a half days, and yes I've been going to camp for six summers now, but still. I guess the whole atmosphere of being stuck in my room without anybody to talk to about life/camp/whatnot is rather foreign at this point, given how active I was at camp. For that matter, it's still rather foreign knowing that I came back from my last ever UNCG Summer Music Camp, and won't be able to enjoy that one week out of my summer. I miss my friends there, I miss Alex a ton, I miss messing around in rehearsal, I miss Dr. Markoch and his random rants about random stuff, I miss the people in my band(s), I miss the Caf, I miss the EUC, I miss complaining about how the dance on Thursday night always is overrated, I miss their Swedish Fish in the store (totally legit given the size of them), I miss everything about the camp. Oh well, I get the last laugh-I'm going off to college in a month.

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