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Friday, July 23, 2010

Old school music

And by that, I mean I'm listening to the band concerts from the early years of high school. You know, I feel more of a personal connection while listening to them, as I feel that it was during a time where everybody worked pretty doggone hard to move up, and to me, that was part of the fun; seeing and hearing the rewards of your hard work. Plus, it seemed that beginning sophomore year, there was much more camaraderie, meaning that it was an absolute blast playing with all the guys in Concert 1, and even back in Concert 2.

And right now, I'm listening to Wynton Marsalis play Carnival of Venice. And by play, I mean that he doesn't so much as play as he owns it. It's insane how easy he makes it seem to play it; that's no easy feat by any means, as the score for it is basically black on white.

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