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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A box is a box right? Random thought about it

Sitting on my desk is a box that had a thing of honey roasted peanuts in it. No big deal, right? Well the box is a part of a birthday present from my grandma and my uncle (there was a whole thing of gourmet snacks from The Popcorn Factory), and I feel bad tossing it out. The box is a small one, but it's so ornately decorated with happy animals and frankly, it's happy looking and in the festive birthday spirit, that I feel like it'd be tragic if I tossed it into the trash. I guess part of me is reluctant just because I don't know what the guys on my floor would do with it, and I feel like it deserves a better fate. Though in the end, I know I'm going to toss it, just I essentially want to postpone doing so until I really have to.

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